8 Awesome Ideas To Beautify Your Bridal Mehendi

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It’s one thing that is ubiquitous at Indian weddings. We rarely would have seen an Indian bride without henna on her hands. Best Mehendi designs for bride is a must for the quintessential Indian bride, at least that’s what everyone thinks and says. And why shouldn’t it be?

Those henna patterns done on the bridal hands look extremely beautiful and alluring. And most of the girls go crazy over getting an artistically rosy mehendi on her hands. Not only it looks good, but is also considered felicitous for the the couple and their wedding. It’s said that darker the color, deeper is the bond that the couple shares. So, to make this special affair even more special by getting the design printed on the hands that describe your love story or wedding story or moments that you hold close to your hearts, we’re giving you a list of ideas that you can use for personalizing your bridal mehendi and for that you can choose your best mehendi artist in Delhi.

1. SaveTheDate designs

bridal mehendi ideas

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

2. Wedding motifs on hands

bridal mehendi designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

3. Mehendi with cartoon caricatures

trending mehendi designs

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

4. How ’bout showcasing your love story through your mehendi ?

fun and quirky ideas for bridal mehendi

Image Courtesy: Pinterest

5. Mehendi with airplanes on it (just in case your guy is a pilot or has some fascination with planes!)

fun and quirky ideas for bridal mehendi

Image Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project

6. The Bow-Shape Design


beautiful mehendi design

 Image Courtesy: Mehndi Boutique

7. Wedding details imprinted with henna

beautiful bridal mehendi

Image Courtesy: The Royal Affair

8. Couple Portrait

mehendi love story

Image Courtesy: Lata Mehendi


We absolutely love these mehendi designs, what about you? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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Feature Image Courtesy: The Cheesecake Project


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