Best Bar Ideas For Your Wedding

Once the main ceremony is over and you’ve officially tied the knot, what’s next? Your wedding guests will be making a beeline for the bar, that’s for sure.

Since it is such a popular spot at the weddings, and sometimes it’s difficult to think of ideas for best decor for parties and it’s important to make the ‘cocktail hour’ area one to remember. The best way to make yours stand out? With a fabulous, statement-making bar — something that will really knock guests’ socks off and get them mingling and talking as they’re in line for a drink.

When it comes to wedding bar design ideas, it’s a good idea for it to complement the reception setting. Getting married at a swanky place? Opt for a cocktail-bar look that’s equally chic — perhaps one with a gilded or mirrored front for some major “wow” factor. Hosting your wedding reception outdoors? A rustic, wood-topped bar might better suit your alfresco setting.

Since your cocktail hour sets the tone for the rest of the event, a unique, eye-catching bar is guaranteed to whet your guests’ appetite and get them excited for what’s to come. To help get you inspired, check out these seriously awe-inspiring cocktail-bar set-up ideas we’ve found.

Circular Bar

best bar ideas for functions

Cocktail hour at this Aspen wedding featured a circular bar decorated with garlands of fresh hops. The round shape offered 360-degree views of the spectacular wedding setting.


Palm Fronds

bar decor ideas

If you’re having a tented reception, one way to bring the outdoors in is by incorporating natural elements into your bar design. This modern cocktail bar features fresh ferns and palm fronds displayed on the front.


Mirrored Bar

top bar decor ideas

Hosting a wedding at a chic farm house? A glamorous venue calls for an equally statement-making cocktail hour and this mirrored, geometric-patterned bar is just the ticket.


Romantic Bar

best bar ideas for functions

If you’re tying the knot in a classy venue, in a hotel or a farm house, opt for a cocktail-bar design that complements the setting. This custom cocktail bar features dozens and dozens of lights and you can also put hearts and arrows and the couple’s’ initials.


Daytime Bar

bar decor for wddings

An industrial, metal bar gets a romantic upgrade with the help of a fluffy greenery garland and delicate pink bows.


Bold Bar

bar decor ideas for weddings

Your glamorous wedding space gets a modern touch at the bar thanks to bold, glowing letters leading guests towards the drinks. Highlight the bar as much as possible because we know how important it is.


Rainbow Bar

bar decor ideas

This re-purposed rowboat turned out to the perfect bar for a laid-back lawn party. If you have a day wedding or a seaside one, this look of the bar is apt for the day.


Desi Bar

best bar ideas for functions

Giving it a traditional and locale feel get this kind of loo for the bar at your wedding and we know nobody in your must have done it. Get a fun side of the bar (except the alcohol fun, for sure) and get grooving in the party.


Glowing Bar

bar decor ideas for parties

At this antique-style wedding, be a crafty bride and groom and re-purpose an old mattress spring into a glowing sign hung directly above the bar.

Your bar is going to be super occupied throughout the wedding function and the most attractive space should be the most attractive space! And so we have listed all the ideas for bar decor. Don’t get so sloshed to forget to use them though!

Picture Courtesy : Pinterest 

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