We’ve Got You The Best Photographer For Candid, Cinematic And Traditional Wedding Shoots!

All of us want to hold on to the most special days of our life and cherish them forever. We want to look at the snaps and clips of our festive times and relive a lot of happy memories. Whether it’s pre-wedding photography, couple shoots, fashion shoots, maternity shoots or wedding videography, Sona Sachdeva Photography knows how to create the most valuable impressions that will stay with you for a lifetime.

So, if you’re planning to get a quirky mehendi shoot, glamorous wedding shoot or a cute maternity shoot, this photographer can cover your festive days with utmost finesse and charm. Here, we’re leaving you with some of her shoot work that will definitely get you enticed and enthralled.

Pre-Wedding Photography

best photographer in delhi top photographer in delhi wedding photoshoot ideas




Vibrant backdrops, dreamy settings and perfect captures!

Fashion Shoots

pre wedding shoot ideas


best ideas for pre wedding photography pre wedding shoot ideas

Ethnically enchanting, isn’t it?

Bridal Captures

bridal photoshoot ideas bridal photoshoot ideas bridal photoshoot ideas




breathtakingly beautiful pictures, we’re totally in love with these shots.

Candid Wedding Shots

candid photography ideas candid photography ideas best ideas for candid photography




because regular photography is too mainstream. Candid looks cute and charming!

Bridal Trousseau

trousseau packing ideas




Dainty details of the bride deserve a special place in the album.


Sona Sachdeva is a young and dynamic Delhi-based Photographer who specializes in candid photography. Apart from the candid shoots, her photography house offers photography and videography services for weddings, pre weddings, fashion shoots and maternity shoots. Her work marks efficiency, creativeness and eminence.


Contact On Instagram: sonasachdevaphotography

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