Best time to get hitched- The Chilly days or the Sunny days?

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Wedding bells!! The happiest sound one hears!

And with that sound comes some the major choices we have to make! The prime consideration in a wedding is when to get married?

In India, some of the most Auspicious Mahurats fall either in peak summers or in peak winters. And then there is a question that just boggles the mind – Whether to have a Summer Wedding or a Winter Wedding? A part of you wants the perfect summer look for your big day while the other half wishes for the cool breeze and feel of the winters.

Winter Weddings are just beautiful and summer weddings are pretty in their own style too. Here we bring you a deeper analysis of the two lovely seasons to get hitched!


Why take the plunge in the chilly foggy winters?

best season for wedding

  • Vast wedding venue choices.

The choice of wedding venue is vast in winters as there is no glitch of the heat and outdoor, semi outdoor options can be considered.

best season to get hitched

  • Picture perfect

All the precious moments of your special day are beautifully captured in the lovely winters. There are no makeup worries and no need to sweat it out on the lovely photographs!

best season for wedding

  • “Winter is Coming”

In true game of thrones style when peak winter is coming, at times it gets a little too much cold and planning a wedding needs some extra care and arrangements to be done.


best season to get hitched

  • Let’s Dance!

Weddings are incomplete without dancing! Everyone likes to show their moves on the dance floor and this can be fully enjoyed in the winters as weather makes it a no sweat performance. So in winters not only the auntijies but everyone can “Get up and Dance”!

best season for wedding

  • Keeping the guys Happy  😉

Winters in true Barney Stinson style gives the guys a chance to “Suit Up”.  All the tweeds and the three piece suits can easily be pulled off in winter weddings with no over sweating problems.


best season to get hitched

  • A pretty wedding and beyond in winters!

Another cherry on the cake in winter weddings is the honeymoon destinations that can be planed after. Winters in India give the perfect time to couples for a post wedding visit to Australia as well as New Zealand. And for those looking for honeymoon destinations within India there are many beautiful snow covered hill station options.


Then comes the” Summer Breeze” –

best season for wedding

  • Holiday Gamble.

As summers are the holiday and vacation season, it gives you plenty of time to do the wedding preparations. Without worrying about the kid’s exams and school time, you can shop in peace.

best season to get hitched

  • Bride Worries

In summers a major cause of worry for the bride at her wedding is the risk of her perfect look getting ruined. Also the heavy jewelry and the heavy wedding outfit can add to the list of worries.

best season for wedding

  • Longer Days

Days are longer in summers and that gives you a good amount of time to do all the shopping,preparation, running to collect your trousseau  and eliminates the need for an early start like required in the winters.

 best season to get hitched width=

  • Colorful bonanza

The vibrant color décor and the bright color flowers enhance the beauty of a summer wedding.

best season for wedding

  • The Official Backless days

Summers are also a great season to get married; it gives the ladies a perfect opportunity to dole out in those backless and the sleeveless outfits.

best time of the year to get hitched

  • Honeymoon Paradise

There are a wide range of honeymoon destinations to choose from in summers like U.S or a trip to Europe with your spouse.  


In the end what really matters more than summer or winter wedding is that big leap of faith that binds two souls into the bond of holy matrimony for eternity!

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