#BFFtasklist: Checklist For The Best Friend Of Every Bride!

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Your best-friend is tying the knot and you have all the reasons in this world to be excited, sad, happy, scared, confused, insecure, ecstatic, sorrowful, joyful, surprised and what not. While you’re going through this weird whirlwind of emotions and planning to become a part of your bestie’s wedding celebrations, you MUST give extra attention to a few things to make her special days even more special. Here’s a list of things that need to be taken care of by every bride’s best-friend. Make those big moments memorable for both of you!

After all, you are her best-est friend and if you won’t take those duties then who else will??

Helping Her With Pre-Wedding Tasks 🙂

best friend checklist of every bride

Whether it’s booking an appointment with a professional make-up artist, talking to Mehendi wala, selecting decor themes or shopping for the wedding jewelry, make sure you share your numbers with all the vendors to answer their calls and help in arranging everything timely as the bride might remain busy in so many other important things.

~Taking Care Of The Li’l Details~

things to do for your bestie

Ensure that the bride is well-hydrated and stays energetic. For that, you can carry small packets of snacks, peanuts, dry fruits, diet coke or anything of that sort in your bag. Also, the wedding essentials of the bride, her outfits, jewelry, cosmetics, hair pins, wallet, phone……keep everything in place for her so that whenever she needs something, she can just ask you and find it right in the place!

Be On Her Side, Like A True Best Friend!

best friend checklist of every bride

Yeah, even when she throws temper-tanrums, even when she acts stupid, silly or irritating. It’s her wedding, the most special time of her life, be a trooper and let nothing ruin her special moments. You can always yell and scream back on her once the wedding is over! 😉

*Planning The Bachelorette*

ideas to make your bestie feel special

This is the most important duty of every best-friend out there. Get all the friend together and decide on a budget. Plan the games, venue and a gift for her that she would love to get from all the friends on her bridal shower. Make that gift emotional and special for her.

No More Mehendi Worries.

ideas to make your bestie feel special

You are the one who’s going to help the bride in taking care of her stuff and feed her with food and beverages, so make sure you get your Mehendi done a day or few hours before the Mehendi of the bride. This way you will be there to take care of her when she needs anything.

‘Be Available For Her’

things to do for her bestie on her wedding

 It will be good if you can keep her phone with you during the functions so that you can answer the calls and messages on her behalf. Also, ensure that your phone stays on 24*7 (carry a power bank with you) so that the bride can call you up whenever she needs you!


friendship goals

Have 2-3 friends/relatives of the bride with you to take of all the things………from talking to vendors to welcoming and greeting the guests…….every single thing should be done perfectly. After all, it’s your bestie’s big day!

Getting Groovy! 😀

things to do for your bestie to her feel special

Stop being one pricey friend and shake your leg on the D-floor. In fact, encourage all the relatives, friends and close one to join you on the stage. It’s your bestie’s wedding, make sure you have all the fun in this world and celebrate it like one really really big day!!

#Celebrating Without Alcohol 😛

best friend checklist of every bride

We know that you have all the reasons to get drunk…………but just DON’T. Because if you get drunk, who’s going to take care of the gift boxes, cash tokens, bride’s essentials, jewelry and so many more precious things?

Plus you have to keep everybody and everything happily in place…….so, for a change, celebrate without alcohol!

Keep All The Envelopes In A Safe Space……..

fun things to do with your bestie

You know how many evil eyes are constantly looking for a chance to steal things during the wedding days, therefore, make sure you hold all the envelopes, cash tokens that the bride receives and keep them in a safe space. Give it to the bride at the end of the function or whenever she gets free.

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