Tips & Tricks To Turn A Bachelor's Pad Into Couple's Lovenest

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To be truthful, this is the most common problem faced by folks ‘round the world. Whether you’re in a living relationship or married to each other, it is essential for you to intricately plan the room’s layout in order to share it with your love-d partner. There are so many more ways to bring spark in your relationship. And this is one of them.

While it’s relatively easier for the girls to accustom someone they love into their personal room, guys find it hard to change their regular stuff and living patterns altogether. No worries, if you’re looking for little details that can help you both turn a bachelor’s room into a CUTE couple-room; this is certainly going to help you in a big big way!!

Ready? So, let’s get started.

*Make A Big Purchase Together*

ideas to change the look of house

ideas to change the look of house

So, instead of initiating ‘this is yours’ and ‘that is mine’ fights, go for ‘this is ours’ option. Buy things which you both like. Let’s say get cushions, rugs and mattresses which can be shared by both of you. This will not only make it comfortable for both of you to stay together but also grow love with each other more than ever!

*Purging Is A Good Way Out*

ideas to change the look of house

best ideas to change your house

Pick-up that li’l stuff occupying the main corners of the room and get it packed!

Usually we end up piling on stuff in the small corner of our room without even realizing and as soon as a new person enters the room, they find those possessions extremely space-consuming. So, it’s better to box-up the stuff that is not needed regularly and throw away the items are no longer in use. Keep it clean and spacious.

*Get A Storage Hutch*

ideas to give your house a makeover

Is your room stuffed with the pretty landscape magazines or basic family heirlooms and you just do not want to get away with them?

Hmmm….don’t worry! Put all your stuff into a storage container or cage (placed out of your room) to make space for new furniture or some other important stuff. Just because you do not have the space now, that doesn’t mean you never will. You can get all those things back to your room once you renovate or have more sections to store those things.

*Rearrange Your Dear Possessions*

ideas to give your house a makeover

ideas to change the look of house

Got your dining chair in your bedroom or a moon-sized TV right across the wardrobe area?

Well, it’s time of you to rearrange the stuff. You both can plan together what things should go where and make the room look more systematic and tidy.

*Re-Work The Bathroom Area*

ideas to change the look of house


Since it doesn’t belong to only one person now and has to be shared by two people, it’s necessary to bring some significant changes in the privy area. Come up with separate sections for his and her belongings/toiletries so that there is no confusion and the area decor is maintained well.

*And If All Else Fails, RENOVATE*

how to give your house a makeover

ideas to change the look of house

Finance and common sense might make you and your loved one worried when thinking about renovating the area, but if your costs permit you, this is one of the best-est options to go for!

Making practical amendments will keep both of you happy and comfortable staying together.


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