Out-of-the-Box Bride And Groom Entry Ideas For Modern Indian Weddings!

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Why settle for an ordinary entrance when you can plan something spectacular? It’s your big day, so don’t settle for anything less than splendid. Whether you have an unlimited wedding budget or you want to organize your wedding in the most frugal way possible, there are so many ideas like coolest groom entry ideas. ll it needs is just a dash of creativity and the boldness to try out something new.

Here, we help you by giving you the top five out of the box bride and groom entry ideas we spotted in weddings all around the country.

1. A Flash Mob with your Wedding Party

best ideas for bride and groom entry

Image Courtesy: Eventures, Wedding Planners, Indonesia

Surprise your guests with a flash mob. Practice along with your bridal party for it. Let other members of the party enter in as usual. Once, the bride and groom are announced, it’s the cue for the DJ to pump up your song, calling all the flash mob members to take their place in the hall. With this one, you can be sure that all your guests will be talking about it for a long time.

Who knows you may even hit YouTube virally 😉

2. Go big

best ideas for bride and groom entry

Image Courtesy: Rajesh Digital, Delhi

If budget is no bounds, then go big or go home. Ride in true Hollywood style to the venue on a charted helicopter or in Bollywood style on an over-the-top horse drawn carriage. Some innovative ideas we spotted in weddings are arriving perched atop an elephant, arriving on a hot air balloon or a Venetian-style gondola.

3. Make use of the grand entrance in your Wedding Venue

best ideas for bride and groom entry

Image Courtesy: Shailesh Aparna Photography, Kolkata

Many wedding halls have dramatic entrances that are part of the design like a glass elevator or a hidden door behind the stage. Make use of these to add an element of surprise to your entry.

4. A Silhouette Entrance

best ideas for bride and groom entry

Image Courtesy: Mystic Studios, Chennai

This one is fun and different from the regular bride and groom entrances often seen at weddings. Use a projection screen to capture your profile. Your guests can see only your shadows before they can spot the real you. Added benefit: it makes for a great photo op!

5. Light it Up

best ideas for bride and groom entry

Image Courtesy: Focuz Studios, Chennai

Turn your top wedding venue in Delhi into something from a fairy tale while you make your entrance. Project lights and other fun patterns on the ceiling and walls of the halls, as you make your grand entry. Match the projections to suit your fun wedding theme. 3D Dragons if it’s a Chinese style wedding. This one’s a crowd pleaser. Above all, try to have fun while impressing your guests. The more the fun you have, the better candid photos and ultimately the memories will linger forever.

Feature Image Courtesy: Shutter Down

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