Best Bridal Hairstyles To Flatter Your Face Shape On The Big Day

Not sure how to get going with your best wedding day hairstyle? Wondering if those gorgeous styles you come across on the net will suit you?

No frets! Try using your face shape as a guide to help you pick the right style for your big day. Whether you’ve got prominent cheeks or a wide forehead, we tell you how to make the most of your striking features for your special day.

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In general, there are five common face shapes like round, oval, square, heart and diamond. Read on to find the top tips for each face shape when planning your hairstyle for your big day. Pause a minute to find out your face shape using this simple chart. Now, that you’re all set, let’s get rolling!


  • Round

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The best part of a round face shape is that it looks youthful naturally. The downside is that finding the right hairstyle is a bit hard. If you have a round shape add bounce and texture to slim down your face and to mellow the shape. 

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  1. Choose styles that let your hair down with a few bits falling on your face
  2. Go for looks that add length to your face
  3. Side swept fringes break up the roundness of your face and are very flattering


  • Oval

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This is one of the most common face types, and the style you pick should be well balanced to make your face seem in proportion. Don’t choose anything sleek or lengthier as it will further elongate your face.

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  1. Choose a style that breaks the length of your face such as a thick fringe
  2. Add the much-needed width to your face by choosing updos like a crown at the mid-section or so on


  • Square

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This face shape is considered as the best shape to age well. When styling a square shaped face always look for ways to add softness to your strong and angular features.

best hairstyle ideas for all face shapes

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  1. Opt for waves, curls and textures to add softness and femininity
  2. Choose a side parting as it’ll help to mellow down the width of your face
  3. Try a fringe that falls low near the eyebrows and longer at the sides as it’ll help to balance out the angles of your face


  • Heart

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If you have a heart-shaped face, thank your lucky stars. It’s one of the easiest shapes to work with, and almost all styles suit you.

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  1. Soften your face by letting down your hair, especially around your jaw line. This helps to add width and to accentuate your jawbone
  2. You can also go in for fringes to balance out your jaw line


  • Diamond

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This face shape is a combination of two shapes – the heart and diamond. It’s widest at the cheekbones. Avoid wearing all your hair tied back as it could create a harsh look.

hairstyles for all face shapes

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  • Opt for styles that add softness to your face
  • Create height at the sides of your face to accentuate your cheekbones
  • Try to wear your hair down as it’ll help to add softness around your jaw line

Make use of these tips when working with your stylist to choose the best style that flatters your face shape for you!

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