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Bridesmaids and Best Men in A Maternity Shoot? We Bet You Have Never Seen Something Like This Before!

For a couple who is expecting their child for the first time, there’s no better way to document this exciting time with a maternity shoot. “After all, a baby does make your life way more beautiful than ever even before its arrival!” says Neelam Rana, who will soon be welcoming a baby with her husband, Neeraj Rana.

Neelam and Neeraj who are not only soulmates IRL but also the power-duo behind the success of Photo Paradise as the best photo shoot location in Delhi went for the most unique maternity photo shoot that anyone has ever seen before! You may have seen bridesmaids and best men in many pre-wedding shoot pictures, but no one has ever done it in a maternity shoot session!

When asked, what made them go for a shoot such as this, DAD-to-be, Neeraj, said, “We wanted to do something unique but didn’t want to go overboard with the clothes, props or something that will just be an add-on to the aesthetics of our maternity shoot. Though we did use some interesting props for the shoot but didn’t totally rely on them for our pictures’ uniqueness.  Instead, we decided to invite our closest friends and family members to pose with us! We wanted to have our maternity pictures with people who are dear to us and hold a huge place in our hearts. Just as we are excited about this baby, our family and friends were at their highest of spirits when we told them the good news and asked them if they could join us for the shoot. We couldn’t be more happy about it!”

Well! Needless to say, each picture perfectly exhibits the essence of how maternity shoots are one of the most joyous of celebrations to welcome a new baby in the family. So, here are the pictures from this superbly-unique and gorgeous maternity photo shoot!

surprised bridesmaids and Sloshed groomsmen for a funny maternity shoot!

Milk-date for maternity shoot photo ideas

Cheers with a glass of milk with groomsmen with a beer bottle

Maternity photoshoot ideas with husband and his friends

Alcohol VS Milk for a maternity photo shoot

Fun maternity photoshoot ideas with mom-to-be and her friends and family members

"No, please I dont want to dink milk!"

Quirky maternity photoshoot with Indian mom-to-be posing with a milk bottle and bridesmaids posing with beer bottles


Everything was planned accordingly; from arranging the same dresses for the beautiful ladies and the handsome best men, to getting small-small props like milk bottles and faux-beer bottles and all.”, Neelam shared with us.

But wait, the most interesting part comes here! She told us, “It was an outdoor shoot, and to our surprise, it started raining heavily on the day, but we are amazed and happy to see how everyone at the shoot was in their high spirits and didn’t let the excitement for the shoot die! At the end of the day, we went back with the sweetest of memories.

Bridesmaids posing with a drunk pose for a funny maternity photoshoot


Beautiful maternity photo shoot locations with friends and parents to be posing for a picture

Awesome maternity shoot ideas for group photo with friends

Maternity shoot squad goals

Funny maternity photoshoot idea with friends

Photo Paradise _ best maternity photoshoot location

Mom-to-be balloons for a maternity shoot with a pink wall as the background and bridesmaids and mom-to-be posing for a picture

Couple shot for a maternity photoshoot with black and white forest background

Photo ideas for Momma-to-be and best men for a maternity shoot

Parents-to-be sharing a romantic kiss and groomsmen holding the mirror for them

Cute pose for groomsmen with expecting couple dressed in a red dress and blue tuxedo

Unique pose for groomsmen with couple for a maternity shoot in a wild environment

AWWW moment in a Indian maternity shoot

fun maternity photoshoot idea with mom and dad-to-be posing in a crazy manner

black and white maternity photoshoot with groomsmen/best men

Bua-to-be, Mausi-to-be, Chachi-to-be, Bestest Bua tags with bridesmaids in a slate grey dress and mom-to-be in a red dress for a unique maternity shoot

Maternity shoot ideas for mom-to-be with a baby pink door and white building in the background

Parents to be kissing for a maternity shoot with bridesmaids and groomsmen in the background

Bridesmaids posing with expecting mother for a unique maternity shoot

Cute Indian maternity shoot with momma to be and nieces standing against blue background!


This is not it! The couple says, maternity shoot with friends and family is only PART 1 of their shoot, and they have planned PART 02 which will focus on the MOM and DAD-TO-BE, with some really cool and different ideas and that too with 5 professional photographers at the same time! Now, talk about thinking out of the box for an awesome maternity shoot idea!




Maternity Shoot Location: Photo Paradise

Photography by: Rajesh Digital

MUA for the Maternity Shoot: Pawan Kumar

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