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#Trending: How to Use Hues of Ultraviolet for a Chic Wedding Decor!

Everyone wants to have a spectacular decor when it comes to weddings and other events related to it. While a huge significance is being given to multitudes of colours and elements incorporated in a single decor theme, monochromatic decoration can still do wonders while aiming to get an alluring venue decoration.And celebrating the essence of having a wedding decor in a single shade, Function Mania jovially brings you a beautiful compilation of Wedding decor ideas solely inspired by the varied hues of Ultraviolet-18-388, which has

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Saat Phera Indian Wedding Cake

Classy Wedding Cake Ideas That Will Trend In 2018

Though Shadi ka Laddoo will always top the list for an Indian wedding, with the gulab jamuns, jalebi and halwa following their leader in that sweet and not-so-small platter, an addition of their fellow firangi comrade has been reported of boosting the pleasant sugary experience at a wedding party. Any guesses? Yes! We are talking about Wedding Cakes crafted for the couples who are ready for a happily ever after! From modern to classics, from cute to quirky, we have listed 10 inspiration-worthy wedding cakes for your dream

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Bachelorette Party

Ultimate Bride’s guide to having an Aww-some Bachelorette Party

The pre-wedding madness is real and way too much when it comes to a Bride-to-be. While it could be extra-overwhelming for you as a bride, keeping calm is more important for you.  And TBH! Bachelorette Parties can be an escape in disguise from the stress and craziness during your wedding period. You must be wondering how you can have an unforgettable experience at your own pre-wedding bash? Worry not, Senorita! Here are some Classy Bachelorette Party tips: 1.        Have your bachelorette at least a week or two

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Medha and Ritesh | Wedding Sangeet| | Baraati Inc | This Couple's IIFA Themed Sangeet Is the Most Fun Thing You'll See Today | FunctionMania

This Couple’s IIFA Themed Sangeet Is the Most Fun Thing You’ll See Today

Are you someone who has marveled the grandeur of Bollywood nights and award shows? Someone who's always desired to dance with the stars on the beat of your favorite item number? Be it a song from the 70s or a chart-buster from your current playlist, Bollywood music is the soul of our life and having a sangeet night on your wedding that speaks your love for Bollywood by itself is like a dream come true. And like it's said, when you truly desire something, the whole universe conspires to make it happen for you and Baraati Inc.

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This Groom Squad Went Bhangra Bonkers On Crazy Dhol Beats!

If you've always loved to groove on the dhol beats, we've got something that's perfectly meant for you. No matter how nice and planned musical evenings and sangeet nights are with the most happening songs playing in the background, there's something special about the dancing on the dhol beats, especially in the Indian culture. No matter what age and background we are from, we all love to shake legs while the dhol is being beaten. So, this event is all about a perfectly planned and fun dhol night that will make you wanna dance

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Things You must Check With Your Event Planner Before Hiring Them!

There are times when we want hire a good event planner to organise the event in the most perfect manner but fail to do that due to lack of knowledge and presence of frauds in the industry. Therefore, in order to help you do away your event planning hassles, we've listed down the things you must check with your event planner before hiring him or her. Not just that, we've also got you one of the best event planners from the industry (Zucchini Events) and their take on the wedding and function planning industry. Scroll down to

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Did You Know THIS Could Be Your Next Mehendi/Cocktail Spot?

Before you think of any place else, it's your terrace that we're talking about! Yes. You can make the most of your terrace to host one uber party after another be it your fun mehendi function, cocktail party, planning the best birthday party or just a house party. It's cheaper and it's convenient. An outdoor living space is a treat that many of us don’t enjoy to the fullest, so we're going the extra mile to offer tips on how to build your own oasis under the sun — or, better still, the best party pad under the stars. As you raise

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Here’s The Best Event Planner For All Your Fancy Function Needs!

With all the other arrangements, event arrangement is an utmost important thing to keep in mind if you're throwing a function. And if you're not, you must know how to plan an event in the best way so that whenever you have an event at home you know what things would make it awesome. It's wise to hire an event planner who can relate with your ideas and requirements and come up with something fun and beautiful to make your grand celebrations even more grand. We've got one such event planner for your festive needs.   Vows is an

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How To Plan A Fabulous Wedding On A Titchy Budget?

If you want to throw an outclass and lavish wedding but do not have the budget to do so, fret not, we've got some really quirky tips and tricks for you. These budgeted wedding ideas will cost you nothing more than a dime and are sure to leave an impact over your guests. And yes, you are going to totally love these smart ways of organizing a fabulous wedding on a titchy budget. Hire the best event planner in Delhi and you're good to go. P.S. You can thank us later for all the quirks that can help you throw an outclass wedding in a

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Now Plan Your Wedding Effortlessly With Zucchini Events!

Happily ever after is a time of celebration, where two souls unite forever to become one! This event deserves a special celebration arranged in a unique manner to make it a long lasting memory. To help you in crafting your very own personal wedding that is nothing short of a fairy tale we have got you some special and professional assistance in the form of Zucchini events. Zucchini events assist you in planning your D-Day with creative efforts and effective management. They fabricate the wedding arrangements from all the

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