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Bridal Sneakers Aren't Going Anywhere, And Here is The Proof! | Function Mania

Bridal Sneakers Aren’t Going Anywhere, And Here is The Proof!

Hey, pretty brides to be! While there are many ways to make your wedding heels experience painless (click here to know how), nothing can beat the comfort and oh-so-relaxing cushioning that a pair of bridal sneakers comes with. * Girls, dab if you agree with me!*  Wearing a gorgeous pair of sneakers has its own pros and literally, no cons! Yeah! To name a few- they make you look the coolest, adds an effortless swag to your wedding look, and there is no fear of tripping in flat-soled sneakers, unlike it is with a pair of high

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Wedding Shoes: Tips And Mistakes You Need To Take Notes Of! | Bridal Shoes Hacks | Bridal shoes Tips | Function Mania |

Wedding Shoes: Tips And Mistakes You Need To Take Notes Of!

Let's face it! A pair of shoes can either make or break your day! That's why a beautiful wedding footwear should not only look the best but be comfortable suiting all of your bridal needs. And, when it comes to choosing that perfect pair, you have gotta be as judicious and careful as you can, since it contributes as one of the most the important constituents of a bridal trousseau. There are certain do's and don'ts that you should pay heed to before going on a shoe-hunt! So, here are some useful tips you must take a quick note of,

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The Joy of Dressing is an Art- Function Mania

8 Fashion Blunders Every Girl Must Dodge As A Wedding Guest

If you have recently been invited to a wedding, you are probably feeling excited, nervous and, confused about what to wear for the event! But don't think you are all alone in this. TBH! Every other girl who is to attend the same wedding as you must be equally puzzled about her dress, footwear, accessories and not to forget the hairdo!  The struggle is real, girl! Regardless of your role amongst the invited lot, dressing up for a wedding could be dauntingly confusing due to a gazillion of factors. To name a few...Your closeness to

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Add Glory To Your Bridal Look With This Gorgeous Footwear Jewelry Trend

We believe in bling and specially when it comes to the best bridal footwear, we get pretty excited. The perfect amount of bling can change the entire look. Now when it comes to bridal footwear we can tell you that it has become a rage amongst all the brides now. Shoe jewelry has become a thing now. People specially get customized footwear that has jewelry on it. Surprised or not, footwear jewelry does make your entire look amazing. Obviously you will be wear the best designer lehenga in Delhi and the most amazing jewelry from the

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Pretty (And Comfy) Shoes You Can Wear To An Indian Wedding!

Many of us get stuck with what to wear on the wedding day and even if we get the right outfit ready, choosing the right footwear becomes the next big task. There are some of the best footwears around the world that are simply amazing. We might like a footwear but not find it comfortable or the footwear might seem comfortable but not that pretty and ultimately we have to compromise, uhhhhhhh! :/ But not any more, we've curated a list of best footwear for Indian wedding functions. Whether you're someone who looks for comfort first

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10 Types Of Shoes Every Woman Must Own!

Is a closet full of pretty shoes your idea of heaven on Earth? Carrie Bradshaw style? Trust us, we understand your shoe fetish. Be it footwears for wedding functions or pretty party shoes, from Cinderella to Bollywood divas, everyone dreams of owning one or hundred perfect pairs! Image Courtesy: Would you believe us if we say that there’s no reason to own a hundred pairs when all you need are only ten staples? Read on to find out the ten specific styles of shoes to build the perfect wardrobe. Don’t

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These Latest Shoe Trends Are Taking The World By Storm!

Still stuck with those old-going stilettos, heels and wedges? Well, it's time to replace them with something new and quirkier. Best footwear ideas for Indian bride are quite trending as well. Ditch your regular wedges and heeled-bottoms this year and go for these brand-new shoe fashions. From bird cage shoes to platform cake shoes to fairy-tale shoe trend, we will tell you what's HOT and what's NOT for this season. Scroll down to have a glance at some of the shoe trend which have become a rage all over the

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Cover Your Pretty Feet In Style With These Bridal Footwear Tips

Beautiful bridal footwear is one of the most important element of dressing up. There are plenty of amazing options of footwear for you try according to your best bridal lehenga in Delhi. "Good shoes take you good places!" :D So, when you're starting a new phase of your life, make sure you do it with the best shoes on. You might have the most beautiful wedding outfit with artistic chunks of jewelry on it, but if you do not have good shoes for your wedding day, it's all gonna go in vain. You might think that your wedding shoes

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