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Function Mania | 10 Newest Baby Shower Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Be Thrilled to Get!

10 Newest Baby Shower Favor Ideas Your Guests Will Be Thrilled to Get!

Hosting a baby shower comprises of many challenging but worth it tasks, for it is not just a usually party but a celebration of bringing that newest member into your family. The happiness is incomparable to everything else.Whether you are planning a small get together with family and friends, or if you are thinking of throwing a large-scale baby shower, from planning to deciding upon the best service providers is an inevitable requirement for all. Choosing the party theme, sending invites, finalising upon your caterer and

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Beautiful Golden and Pink Wedding Invitation Cards with Laser Cut design | Wedding Invitation Ideas | Wedding Invitation Inspiration | Gold Leaf Design Studio | Function Mania|

This Design Studio Creates the Most Unique and Exquisite Custom-Invitation Cards For All Types of Events!

When it comes to major celebrations like weddings, birthdays or anniversaries, no one gets a second chance at making their first impression while sending an invite! You may save some bucks by sending an e-invite on Whatsapp, Facebook and so on. But mark me! Formal and real-life invitations still occupy the highest place in informing your guests of the must-know details about an event. And unless you are intending to throw a mediocre event, you shouldn't settle for a mediocre invitation card that doesn't evoke excitement for the

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Multicolour Sunglasses for Wedding Favour Ideas | Function Mania | Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests will Definitely Love!

Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Definitely Love!

Do you know what time is it? “Ditching-lousy-and-outdated-wedding-favors” O’Clock! Yes! It’s high time we move on from the typical Ganesha idols, wholesale good-for-nothing ‘show pieces’ and boring crockery sets! An Indian wedding is a great deal for the bride, the groom, and their families and not to forget the invited guests. A lot is done to keep the athithees happy during the wedding function, but lack of uniqueness in wedding return-gifts is one thing people do not pay much heed to. Therefore, we have come up with some

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Bachelorette Party

Ultimate Bride’s guide to having an Aww-some Bachelorette Party

The pre-wedding madness is real and way too much when it comes to a Bride-to-be. While it could be extra-overwhelming for you as a bride, keeping calm is more important for you.  And TBH! Bachelorette Parties can be an escape in disguise from the stress and craziness during your wedding period. You must be wondering how you can have an unforgettable experience at your own pre-wedding bash? Worry not, Senorita! Here are some Classy Bachelorette Party tips: 1.        Have your bachelorette at least a week or two

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5 Best Subscription Gift Ideas for Any Occasion

The gifting season is upon us and at times it becomes too hard for anyone to find bespoke gift offerings that suits every occasion, well if you're that someone too who comes across face-to-face with this trouble most of the time, there is something we have in store for you. Try a subscription box- the gift that keeps on giving Subscription gifts represents a perfect token of love, a constant reminder to your family and friends that you care for them and will always look out for them no matter what. Another reason for choosing

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The Most Beautiful And Delish Wedding Favors To Give Out This Year

Weddings in India are a huge deal and a huge industry. We celebrate it as a life size event if someone's getting married in our family. Other than the amazing memories that we make and a lot of alcohol running in our veins , there's something else that we are super excited about - wedding favors! People have started giving out some amazing wedding favors to make things more memorable in their wedding. So here we are putting together a bunch of cool wedding favors that you will definitely love. Mini Alcohol Bottles Wine is

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8 Quirky Return Gift Ideas That Your Guests Will Remember Long After Your Wedding is Over!

A Ganpati idol, silver coins, a pack of chocolates, dry fruits, a mithaai box, crockery or cutlery....... Trust us, your guests are so soo done with these kind of wedding giveaways. In fact, these things have become extremely outdated these days and if you want to greet your guests in a way that they don't only go home happily but also remember your gifts for a long long time, then you need to add a new-ness in your return gift department. And it's time that we update the wedding return gift list, don't you think so? We have

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7 Awesome Ways To Greet Your Guests And Give Them An Awesome Wedding Welcome!

While it’s true that a wedding is all about the two people who come together, it’s not entirely about them. It’s also about the people who attend it. There are some awesome ways for giveaways in which you can make your guests feel special. Yes, we are talking about your guests. From your close friends and family to long-lost friends whom you haven’t seen for a decade, everyone’s a part of the big, fat Indian wedding. Image Courtesy: The A-Cube Project You want your guests to feel welcomed and loved if you want them to

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8 Tech-Inspired Gifts Your Valentine Will Love!

Valentine's day is right around the corner and we thought to post some impeccable tech gift ideas on your timeline. We've curated a list of best gift options for your partner to make your valentine's day much more fun. Because nothing ruins the moment more than unwrapping a fitness tracker or a *so called cute* photo-box. Do away with these cliches and surprise your partner with something useful and interesting on this valentine's! If you and your partner are tech lovers, we've got you covered. Explore this ultimate tech-inspired

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Celebrate Your Special Moments With Greenish!

One is always in the search for that perfect gift for their loved ones. And to help you with that quest, we have found you a solution that grows right in front of your eyes – Gift a Plant on your special occasions by Greenish! Plants are green pets that grow with time and need just a little of your time, love and care. They make the perfect gift and symbolize your growing love. So, why not go green with gifting and give your loved ones something that they can cherish for a very long time ahead, and not to forget they are cute

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