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Unique Wedding Photoshoot Ideas That Are Anything But Boring! | Function Mania

5 Unique Wedding Photoshoot Ideas That Are Anything But Boring!

Your couple portraits after your wedding will be the most important pictures in your wedding album(s)! And how to get the best wedding photoshoot poses is something which nowadays newlyweds are taking very seriously! You have got to decide in advance which wedding poses ideas are you going to use on your big day? What kind of pictures have you been wishing to get? And, what exactly you don't want? Because, with all the tiresome family portraits and hourslong rituals and processions, getting some great wedding stills will not seem

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Reception Dress Ideas: This Embroidery is the Latest trending thing in Bridal Fashion!

While a wedding dress has to be traditional, what exactly is a perfect reception dress totally depends upon the bride herself. And moving beyond the boundaries of conventional dresses, nowadays brides are warming to the idea of a lehenga or a gown that is latest in fashion and less traditional for their reception party. And while searching for the trending designs for bridal reception wear, we noticed there is one sort of an embroidery that was common throughout our searchings and will definitely be staying in fashion for the

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Multicolour Sunglasses for Wedding Favour Ideas | Function Mania | Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests will Definitely Love!

Unique Wedding Favours Your Guests Will Definitely Love!

Do you know what time is it? “Ditching-lousy-and-outdated-wedding-favors” O’Clock! Yes! It’s high time we move on from the typical Ganesha idols, wholesale good-for-nothing ‘show pieces’ and boring crockery sets! An Indian wedding is a great deal for the bride, the groom, and their families and not to forget the invited guests. A lot is done to keep the athithees happy during the wedding function, but lack of uniqueness in wedding return-gifts is one thing people do not pay much heed to. Therefore, we have come up with some

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Indo-Western Dress from a bridal lehenga

Diary of a Forgotten Wedding Dress (And How to Rescue it From a Dusty Fate)

“Heyy! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a longgg time! Remember how people were mesmerized by looking at us? What a great team we made on your wedding day! But you know what? It gets super lonely here in the closet. Everything is so dark, gloomy and these dust particles have been only irritating my fabric! It does get scary in here!” Yeah! That’s your forsaken Wedding Lehenga trying to say something. We all know, this is a fate of most of the wedding ensembles. However, you can save yours from such an eventual seclusion

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Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma in Lapland

Inspired by Virushka for an escape to Finland for your honeymoon? Check out the deets here!

We couldn’t agree more, when Anushka shared a photo from their honeymoon, with the caption, “In heaven, literally.” Just like their Tuscan wedding, Virushka chose an unconventional yet a dreamy destination for their honeymoon. Turns out the most trending couple spent their honeymoon in Rovaniemi, on the Arctic Circle.

Image Courtesy: Pinterest     Away from the usual crowd and being an off-beat destination for a couple like Virushka, Rovaniemi could be a fantastic destination for a beautiful, cosy and

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Blouse with Denim Jacket

5 Cool Ways in which you can Recycle your Wedding Lehenga

A  wedding lehenga to an Indian bride is what Bat-cape is to Batman.  You can’t imagine the two without each other. However, post the wedding ceremony, most of a bride's dresses are doomed to be packed in a box only to be never used again. But you can rescue your wedding lehenga from that forsaken state. How? Grab your reading glasses because… We have compiled 5 cool ways in which you can Recycle your Wedding Lehenga and save it from a dusty fate: 1. Make it less voluminous Ask your tailor to reduce the volume and weight of

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Top 5 Safari Honeymoon Destinations Of The World!

After months of peerless wedding buzz and stress on the go, what could possibly be more relishing than to bask in some lone time with your newly wed spouse on an off-beat honeymoon destination at a far deserted island or a beach! How about we say go wild this time and set your honeymoon on fire! Yes, you can totally do that! And what could be more venturesome and adrenaline-rush crazy than a safari honeymoon. If you're a couple who falls for the daring and your idea of fun includes walking amidst the wild, then a honeymoon on

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10 Incredible Honeymoon Destinations You’ll Want To Stay At Forever!

If you've recently tied the knot and searching for places on the globe to go to for your honeymoon or if you're a globetrotter couple who generally likes strolling from place to another, you'll be happy to know that we've got your needs covered over here. We are so soo done with touristy and beaten track places like Paris, New Zealand, Australia, Thailand and so on. This is why, we researched about the most underestimated yet most beautiful destinations around the world for couples and here's the list. The Azores,

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Get Honeymoon Ready With This List Of Exclusive Essentials

So the wedding is done and the most awaited holiday is here- your honeymoon! You must be looking for some best places for honeymoon and we know how much hectic that can get. But the most intimidating task before the honeymoon fun is - packing. Yes, we know you're breathing heavy now but don't you worry child, you are pretty sorted with our approved luggage and luggage essentials list. As you already know we have always been taking care of your pre wedding things and post wedding stuff, so how can we skip this

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Now Plan Your Honeymoon Under 30k With These International Flights From India

If you stole something out of your honeymoon fund for other things in your wedding then we've got you all covered here. You don't have to compromise at all on your honeymoon trip. Rather choose the best honeymoon destination to go with your partner. Just enjoy the travelling by paying way less than you usually pay for your flights. We’ve got you some killer budget international flights that you can take and yet have a super awesome honeymoon except those usual Thailand, Dubai! A little research, advance planning and a few tricks

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