Cooking A Hot Story In The Big Fat Indian Wedding With These Catering Trends

Looking for ways to get your guests drooling over the grub served at your wedding?

Well then, you’re on the right page! From food trucks to mini tasting carts to live alcohol stations to delectable dessert corners, every single thing is perfectly fashioned to quench the cravings of the folks in big fat Indian weddings. Hire the top most catering service in Delhi and you won’t have to worry about anything.

A titanic-sized traditional spread is now a thing of the past. Modern-day couples are coming up with contemporary grubbing themes that are more reflective of their identities and cultures. Traditional Indian culinary trends are taking an interesting turn to make the food feast most exciting part of the nuptials. So, let’s explore some of the major catering trends that are cooking a hot story in big fat Indian weddings this season.

The Mini Food-Fad

best catering trends for weddings

catering services for weddings

Forget those days when you could end up having only five or six dishes out of the entire buffet spread organized on the D-day. Mini is the new food fad of this wedding season. Go mini with your wedding listicle- mini bowls of mac n cheese, mini sizzlers, mini appetizers, mini quenchers and mini dessert portions.

This is a great way of relishing the delicious food fete!

Personalized Alcohol Stations

best catering trends for weddings

wedding ideas

Well, instead of getting regular alcohol served at the bar area, personalized cocktail concepts are creating the much-hyped wedding spells. Roohafza blended with cosmopolitan or aam panna mized with martini are some of the exciting flavors of the season. It’s certainly going to leave your guests begging for more and more.


Concept Food Corners

wedding catering trends

best food ideas

Mexican, Italian, Chinese, Lebanese and other intricacies are where all the eyeballs go!

Organizing concept food corners has become a fatal rage of the wedding season. Every station offers an amazingly exclusive variety of the cuisine- Italian bonn bouche, Mexican salad corners, Chinese & Thai specialities, Indian khansamas and so much more to savor. The concept of having segregated food corner is the most efficacious trend of the season.

Mixing-Up The Seating Options

best catering trends for weddings

Forget the French-seated dining areas for the entire family to enjoy their dinner together on the big day. What’s trending more are the mixed-up seating options to get everybody seated in one section. Bar tables and chairs can be placed for those who want to booze, while regular tables and seating options can be occupied by rest of the family members for relishing the dinner. Comfort and mobility requirements of the elder members of the family are yet another thing that must be taken care of.

Feature Image Courtesy: Seasons Catering Services, Delhi

Do you know ‘bout any one of the other best catering trends that is getting popular in big fat Indian weddings this season?

If yes, do let us know in the comments section below and we promise to continue serving you with the ultimate wedding check-lists in our blog section.




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