Things to keep in mind before you finalize your venue!

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Confrontations! Confrontations! Before selecting the best venue options in Delhi for your special event there are many factors that you need to consider, here’s a checklist to simplify your thoughts and help you make that perfect choice –

1. What are we celebrating?

top venues for weddings
Before beginning with your search for that special place you need to analyze the type of event for which you want the venue. And after doing that accordingly the venues can be shortlisted, like a small birthday party requires a small indoor venue and a mehndi function on the other hand would be perfectly conducted in an outdoor venue.

2. The Big Bucks

top venues for wedding
Well it’s true “Money can’t buy you Happiness” but what it can get you is a venue of your choice. Another very important factor in selecting a venue is the budget. The budget needs to be drawn well so that the venue can be shortlisted accordingly.

3. Size matters!

best wedding venues
While selecting a venue for your special occasion there are certain factors which need to be considered for assessing the size of the venue required, like –

top venue ideas for wedding
• Number of guests

top venue ideas for wedding
• The occasion being celebrated

top venue ideas for wedding
• Total seating capacity of the venue


4. What? When? How?

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Before reviewing those gorgeous locations you have carefully listed out, you need to have a few rough date options picked out and also the time of the function as it helps in zeroing in on outdoor or indoor venue choice. Also, the availability of the venue on your desired date is what makes that final cut!

5. Customer is Always right!

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The venue you will select, needs to have a good customer service in order to provide for your requirements regarding the venue and also at later stages for those last minute demands. A venue that has a smooth customer service and adequate support staff will respond affirmatively to those on site requirements you might have.

6. Travel convenience

top venue ideas for wedding
One of the many things to keep in mind while selecting the venue is the location of the venue. You don’t want your guests to miss out on the event due to the inconvenient location of the venue. And you also don’t want them to suffer just trying to locate the venue for getting to the event. So, the location of the venue needs to be one which can be –
• Spotted easily
• Is not too Far

7. Parking

top venue ideas for wedding
An on location parking facility is definitely a must have while selecting a venue. Certain type of events require valet parking facility, so before falling in love with your event venue make sure to check the parking facility they provide.

8. List of essential questions

There are some questions that need to be asked before hiring a venue –
• Is the venue available for exclusive use?
• Are there rooms available along with the main hall?
• Is there a minimum guaranty of guests required?
• Availability of the venue on the desired date
• And questions according to the purpose of your event.
So, Fire away those queries before finalizing your desired venue!

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