Checklist Of Beauty Tips That Every Bride Must Start Doing 3 Months Before The Wedding!

When it comes to planning a wedding with the help of top event planners in Delhi, picking a date and wedding outfit from the best women’s wear designers in Delhi NCR can be of stress for sure and looking radiant and picture perfect in those outfits is the primary goal for a bride to achieve before her wedding. Looking absolutely perfect on your wedding day takes some work and planning – okay we mean many, many months of work and planning. Eating right, exercising, parlor sessions and god knows what all! So to avoid any hassle in this beauty process we’re helping you put together the ultimate wedding beauty timeline so that your beauty goals are achieved with a little of ease. From when to get pedicures, waxing, hair colors, body polishing, etc. our guide will make sure that you look every bit of blushing, glowing, beautiful bride when the bid day arrives.

Three Months Before The Wedding

best ideas to get the bridal glow

1. Beauty vitamins: Start taking beauty vitamins for longer, shinier hair and glowing skin. In case you do not know where to start from then consult a doctor right away. We can suggest you the basic ones like Biotin, found in foods like peanut butter and bananas. It helps reduce hair loss and encourages nail growth. Doctors recommend that the daily intake of biotin must be 35 micro grams a day, which you usually can get through your daily food as well. Without the intake of iron, your hair can become dull, thin, and dry. It’s found in foods like spinach, oysters and cashews but you could take supplements too. Now, do not forget to take Vitamin C – especially for skin. We highly recommend Himalayan Dermacare range as it’s perfect for this.

2. Test a new hair color: If you’re thinking a little out of the box for your wedding then it’s the perfect time to try out a new hair color. If you don’t like it then you will have plenty of time to outgrow it or get it changed in the worst case scenario. Try: Red like Katrina Kaif @Cannes or a nice brown like Aishwarya Rai. Trying out absolutely a new hair color will give you a whole new personality and an entire new look for your wedding. We recommend L’Oreal Paris Casting Creme Hair Color in Dark Chocolate as it’s an all time winner. 

3. Revive your skincare regimen: Are you one of those people who slack on their beauty regime? Now it’s the time to start incorporating a more strict system. Cleanse, tone, target and moisturize every morning and night – If you’ve been slacking on your skin routine, now is the time to start incorporating a more strict system. Cleanse, tone, target, and moisturize every morning and night— and don’t forget to exfoliate two or three times a week! We recommend the products which are the safest to use and they are Clinique, Neutrogena and even Kiehls that gives our samples. You can go to their store or consult them and try out their samples.

4. Fitness and nutrition plan: Please we request you to avoid crash dieting before your wedding because it’s not very healthy and the results are very very temporary. Rather go for a fitness and nutrition plan right away. Consult a good dietitian or join a gym with a personal trainer. He will give you the right diet plan according to your weight. Food matters a lot in your health and your skin glow. There is absolutely no need to skip your meals only thing that you have to keep in mind is that you need to eat right with respect if you’re losing weight or gaining some. If you love outdoor activities then nothing like it. You can go for swimming, cycling, running, etc.

5. Hair and makeup trials: You would definitely need the best hair and makeup artist for your wedding. So you need to start experimenting different hairstyles and makeup styles with different artists so you can choose the best one accordingly for your wedding. Once you’ve made up your mind for one particular artist, you book him right away as you don’t want to leave the booking part for last minute because they might not be available that time. To get one of the best makeup artists in Delhi NCR you can checkout our vendor street.


Two Months Before The Wedding

tips to get your pre bridal flow right

1. Beauty accessories: Select the best products for beauty accessories like hair accessories or customized lipstick colors and get the best jewelry from top jewelry designer stores in Delhi . You would need all these thing to be prepared before hand as you won’t get time for all these things just a  few days before the wedding. Make sure your makeup kit is ready with the products you need for touch ups and for that you can take help of your makeup artist in Delhi. Select any beauty accessories, like hair accessories or customized lipstick colors, now. Make sure you make-up kit is ready with the products you need for touch-ups – that is after your consultation with the makeup artist and hair person.

2. Teeth whitening: Most professional teeth whitening sessions take more than one appointment. Book your first appointment now, and use an at-home whitening kit after your last session to maintain your pearly whites. The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is sensitive teeth.

3. Kick fitness regimen into full gear: Take your fitness regimen to the next level at the two-month mark—add an extra thirty minutes of gym time each day, or start a weekend yoga class. You need to be fit, the reason is obviously your wedding but in general it will help you with the best of the fitness results even after the wedding is over. You do not want to gain weight right after the wedding is over as if you will stop working out. It should become a part of your daily routine. Be it yoga, gym, running or any other activity, continue with it even after your wedding.


Before Two Weeks – Follow Ups & Maintenance

health and fitness advice for brides

Before your wedding day, get a color enhancing gloss treatment at your salon for shiny locks on and while you’re there trim all the split ends. Get a hair cut and make sure you grow into the length you want. Go for deep conditioning treatments they are suppose to keep your hair in check. If you haven’t already, start exfoliating your body at least two or three times a week. Try a gentle body scrub that sloughs off dead skin cells without stripping your skin of moisture. Keep your face in check with exfoliation – once a week. You must keep your nails without nail polish for atleast two weeks so that they loose a bit of fatigue. It is always good to get manicure and pedicure done on often so keep the moisture in the nails intact.


Before One Week

natural treatments for the brides to look pretty on wedding day

Get a gentle facial a week before the wedding to get that natural glow on your face. It gives you soothing, hydration facial at a dermatologist. Do not forget to test for allergies before hand. Get your eye brows waxed, threaded or shaped at the one week mark. Tweeze any stray hair at least one day before your wedding to avoid redness. Get waxing at least five days before the big day so your skin has time to heal. Apply coconut oil on your legs and even baby oil works wonders to soothe irritation.


Before Three Days

beauty products for brides to use before wedding

Do a mild at-home peel to boost brightness a few days before. A professional chemical peel is way too harsh for your skin and if you have only a few days left then you should avoid it. Rather go for it a few weeks before your wedding and also consult your dermatologist. Just do a touch up now. If you have oily skin then try a purifying clay mask. If your skin is dry, us a hydrating mask to moisturize and plump. There are many good masks available in the market and they will surely work wonders. You can also go for a hot oil massage for your hair so it keeps your hair healthy and frizz free. While you’re at the parlor getting all these treatments request a gel polish to avoid any chips and cracks on your big day and do not forget to set it up before getting your pretty mehendi designs.


The Day Before The Wedding

hair and face treatments for brides to be

Get your beauty sleep. That is the most important thing you have to do. Dark circles, dullness on the face, fatigue, cannot be visible on any of your wedding function. So to avoid all these things you need to sleep for an adequate amount of time. Good sleep gives you freshness and makes you look vibrant naturally. Drink lots and lots of water and keep yourself hydrated. Fresh glowing skin is the result of drinking lots of water and you fill find yourself to be more energetic. Next main important thing is that your lips should be soft and moisturized all the time. Keep a lip balm handy with you always and ensure that your lips do not get dry at all. Even while applying a lipstick use a lip balm before that so that the lipstick stays for a longer time and doesn’t dry your lips. There are multiple options for gel lipstick and they are much better that the matte ones as they make your lips dry. Your hair must also be moisturized and washed before hand and sleep on it to obtain most moisture during the night.


The D-Day

pre bridal beauty makeover ideas

Keep blotting papers handy so you can blot excess makeup and oil throughout! Don’t touch your face all the time when the makeup is on or not, that does not matter. Your hand touch a lot of dusty things on a general basis and your face has the most sensitive skin. Go through the usual cleansing-toning-moisturizing routine. A salt scrub can soften elbows so do it on the day of the wedding. This prepping is perfect for d-day. Please use SPF on your lips + face + body but especially on your lips. Now lastly we want to say that Congratulations for your big day. You’ve made it through the entire process to look your gorgeous best. Now all you have to do is put a big smile on your face and try not to cry. Happy Wedding!!

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