Chic New Ways To Rock Your Pony Tail Style !

Pony tails are frickin’ cool to wear. The best makeup and hair artists in Delhi will give you amazing hairstyles for your special day. Whether it’s a wedding, an evening party or you just want to hang out spending some gala time with your friends, you need not worry about maintaining your open hair look when you know how to slay in style with your pony tail.

If you’re utterly bored with straight, curly open hair look (just as we are!), then you must try these new, comfy and chic hairdos to rock your hairstyle. And yes, you can even wear a pony tail to your wedding for an effortless yet gorgeous bridal look. Checkout this carefully curated list of pony tails that are easy to do and glam to try!

1) Bombshell waves

ponytail hairstyles

Tie a high pony. Now, take a curling rod and slightly use it on your pony tail, your bombshell curve pony tail is ready to flaunt!

2) Topsy tail throwback

ponytail hairstyles

Make a loose twisted braid using top portion of your hair, tie them into a ponytail and you’re done. Add flowers and hair embellishments suiting the party or function theme to beautify your hair look.

3) More up top

ponytail hairstyles

Attracted to the puffy hair look? Well then, make a puffy pony, let your flicks come out and you’re all pretty for party!

4) Bold with bangsponytail hairstyles


If you love bangs, making a pony tail can make them more visible on your face. Tie your hair neatly towards the backside and let your bangs come out for a bold and beautiful look. Wear right amount of makeup with this look  and you’ll be ready to head out to a wedding or party.

5) Wrap around ringlets

ponytail hairstyles


Why need hair bands and ties when you can make ringlets out of your own hair? It’s a simple yet stunning way of rocking the pony tail look.

6) Braid into it

ponytail hairstyles


ponytail hairstyles

Image Courtesy: Dusk Dot 

Got a fascination for braids? You can also try them on tied hair. Make a side braid and tie it up in your pony tail for a chic and cool hair look.

7) Swept up classic

ponytail hairstyles


Taking it back to the high school days, the classic and swept up looks always looks neat and gorgeous!

8) Low, easy and twisted

ponytail hairstyles


Don’t know what to do with your wavy hair? Well then, just twist them and tie a low lying pony for an easy yet pretty look.

There are so many other gorgeous hairstyles that you can get from your best hair and makeup stylist in Delhi and be the star of the evening.


Images : Google Pictures

Feature Image Courtesy : Dream Diaries


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