Childhood Friends To Lifelong Soulmates: The Adorable Love Story Of Baraati Inc. Directors

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We’ve always believed that a match is made in heaven and our one true love is someone chosen by the almighty! What we do not see is that maybe our special someone is already in our life; maybe he/she has always been there for us when we needed their support, maybe THE one is the one who laughs with us on our silly jokes, shares our food, even helps us solve life’s tiny troubles. Just maybe it’s THAT best friend whom you hold dearest to life.

It is said that best friends make the perfect couple and today, in our true story, we’ll share the perfect love story of a couple who have been there for a each other for more than 15 years- growing from being bestest friends, creating a company made with love, to finally getting married! Isn’t that so romantic? 😍

Meet the couple Shweta & Alaap

From school mates, to best friends, till becoming directors of Baraati Inc

– Shweta and Alaap’s journey began when they were only 11 years old and it didn’t take long for their friendship to grow into an irreplaceable bond. Theirs was a friendship so endearing that a lot of people looked up to the honest, reliable and responsible bond they shared which has now flourished to becoming each other’s constant companions and confidants.

Let’s hear this story in the words of our bride Shweta Acharya herself!

Love was a feeling that was always there, but I think we finally nurtured and garnered that feeling when Alaap came back for his summer break and it was time to leave again soon. In that moment, we realized that it was the perfect time to dive into the relation, to head on and make sure we will never have to leave each other’s side ever again.

The belief in our bond of friendship over everything else made us believe that we can do this forever. Alaap wrote a proposal to my family first, thanking them for being by our side and took their permission to marry me! And once he swept each and every one of them off their feet, he got them involved in the mega proposal. A proposal which only he could pull off, in the most special way anyone could have ever proposed, and I just stood there, drunk in love with my best friend, ready to marry him!

Overall, the whole journey from being a friend to best friends to boy/girlfriend to fiance to being the husband/wife – It has been the best roller coaster ride of our lives! We not only did share interests but made sure to design a life together and worked hard for it. Our goal has always been to do different things, explore and be on an adventure everyday. From business, to friends, to family and more we decided our forever, cause we believe that sometimes in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a chance to ensure happiness, a fairytale and we embraced ours!”

A love story as special as theirs was ought to have a ceremony oozing with fun. This grooviest couple had an amazing multi-cultured Oriya- Bihari Arya Samaj wedding planned by their company Baraati Inc itself, which was indeed more like a heady cultural cocktail, with no flavor left behind!

Now let’s take a peek at the happy and vibrant pictures of their full of life wedding.

The Holi Haldi

Parrot Mehendi

Firangi Tadka, Desi Mix Sangeet

Oriya-Bihari Arya Samaj Wedding

The Reception

Conceptualized and planned by Baraati Inc, we bet this wedding was a fun celebration indeed.


Photographer- Going Bananas

Make Up Artist- Paveena Rathour & Natasha Arya

Venue- Hotel Rajhans, Surajkund Resort

Caterers- Ranch

Event & Wedding Planner- Baraati Inc

Choreographer- Baraati Inc


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