Go On, Create Your Quirky Wedding Photobooth!

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We know a lot of thought goes into DIYing your own fun wedding photobooth. Technology has changed and digital cameras have improved so much that you don’t even need a “real camera”. Unless you know someone who owns and understands DSLRs and lighting equipment (or you have a burning desire to learn), trying to figure it out on your own is going to be more trouble than its worth, and renting or buying all that equipment can quickly get close to the cost of a professional photo booth. Plus, with this method, there’s no getting chased down by guests looking for photos that are sitting on a memory card while you’re on your honeymoon. So here’s a guide to an awesome DIY photobooth setup:

Make a backdrop

DIY wedding booth

Picture Courtesy : Cat Pennenga Photography

Your backdrop doesn’t have to be fancy. It definitely should not be complicated. Start with a blank solid color wall. White. Black. Blue—whatever. If you want a pattern—have a pattern. If you want a mountain landscape—do it. Make it 6 feet x 4 feet, and it will match the dimensions of most camera formats automatically (which are 3 x 2 horizontally). You can either affix the backdrop to a wall using gaffer’s tape, or you can just purchase affordable backdrop stands.


Provide as much light as possible

DIY wedding booth

Instead of fiddling with any kind of camera flash setup, just make sure your photo booth area is very, very, very well lit. We’re talking strangely, glowingly, bright. It can be in a well-lit separate room or just partitioned off—but make sure you provide lots and lots of light. If your wedding is during the day, then this won’t be a problem at all. If you need to bring in lamps and plug them in—do it. Oh and the lighting doesn’t have to be boring white light either. You can have colored light—just make sure the area is still very well lit.


Get some props

Get some props photobooth ideas

Props. Toys. Costumes. Whatever you think will make it more fun and interesting for your guests. The weirder, the better. Always. Except feather boas. No-feather-bows-ever. (They’re just too messy.)


Make a hashtag for your wedding

best ideas for photobooth

We know. Maybe you don’t want to be those people with a hashtag for their wedding. But it’s okay! You’re only having the hashtag so that you can collect and find ALL of the photos that people took at your wedding. And they’ll probably post their photo booth pics on social media anyway—so you’ll want them to use your hashtag! (Because otherwise there is no way to get your own copy of these photo booth pics.)


For printed photos, buy an instax share SP-1 photo  printer

amazing ideas for photobooth

This printer enables anyone with a smartphone to print their photos right on the spot at your wedding. Sure you have to buy the instant film cartridges, but depending the number of your guests, you’ll spend considerably less than you would if you rented a professional photo booth. It’s a super simple process that the majority of your guests won’t have a problem completing. They just need to download the app onto their smartphones. Then, using the app they’ll take a selfie photo (or have another guest take the photo for them) and then upload it to be printed. Boom. Done!


Or buy an instant film camera

easy ways to make your own photobooth

For an even simpler, more lo-fi options, grab one of those instant film cameras. And since you already have setup a great backdrop and lots of light—the photo booth pics are guaranteed badass. Guests can either take photos selfie-style or have the person behind them in line take a quick photo. And then it prints out (we mean develops!). Photo booth DONE!

No matter what camera you have, or how you decide to print or develop the photos, all you really need is a backdrop, and plenty of light. So there you go! Easy, done, fool-proof.


Picture Courtesy : Pinterest 

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