Super Cool And Creative Ways To Invite Your Wedding Gang !

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You have got the ring on your finger – what’s next?

Choosing which of your beloved family members you want to stand with you on the D-day. It’s important to show your bridesmaids and groomsmen how dear they are to you and also how much you appreciate their willingness to help you.

These are a few amazing and creative invitation ideas for the Groomsmen and Bridesmaids which would make them say yes to you in a jiffy! Hire the best invitation designer in Delhi and you’re good to go!

Say It With A Cheers

super cool ways to invite your friends at your wedding

One of the best ways to ask your buddies would be to send the request of being your Groomsmen along with a bottle of their favorite hooch! Now, who would say no to such a classy liquor-ish invite?

The Extra Mellow Invite

super cool ways to invite your friends at your wedding

Invite your bridesmaids with a sweet invite on a cake jar, and make them fall into the temptation trap like a pro! This jar full of yumminess is sure to fetch you many “Brownie” points.

Manly Way To Pop The Question

best ways to invite your friends on your wedding

A simple card with your question written on it is sure to do the trick! As men prefer a classy creative invite, so this one is sure to give them exactly what they are hoping for.

The Bitchy Invite

wedding invitation ideas

It’s time to be a little bitchy with your bitches! Send them a wacky creative invite asking them to be your bitches for the D-Day and set a perfect fun tone for the happy moments that are about to follow suit!

Try Out the Bottle Invite

wedding invitation ideas

This invite can be used for the Groomsmen as well as the Bridesmaids. Send them a short and sweet message in a little test-tube bottle, asking them to be with your n your special day.

PS: Hope these invitation ideas fetch you a joyful ‘yes’ from your best-est buddies!


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