Culinary Cocktail Ideas For Your Wedding Recital

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“We’re tying the knot, so take a shot!”

Looking to mix up great cocktails that you’ll want to serve again and again for your wedding functions? Well you’ve definitely come to the right place! The top most wedding caterers in Delhi have these amazing options and you need to check them out!

These days even the gorgeous bars at Indian weddings have a bunch of Indian-ized and refreshing cocktails served in style, so not just food but the drinks are prepared with same attention to detail and love for creation of new flavors.

Have a look at these amazingly delicious cocktails with a twist and pick anything that appeals or fits your taste – either way you just can’t go wrong with these!


1.Pani-Puri Tequila Shots


best cocktail ideas for your wedding

Pani-Puri is a must have at Indian Weddings, but this recipe is slightly crumpled. Serve pani-puri shots with tequila mixed in it and voila! You have a perfect Indian flavoured cocktail all set.

2.Rooh-afza Blended Cosmopolitan

best cocktail ideas for your wedding

This traditional sharbat makes an awesome ingredient for the cosmopolitan!  Replace the signature cranberry juice with Rooh-afza and give the cosmo a delicious makeover.

3.Gin with Coconut Water

best cocktail ideas for your wedding

Break the famous combos of vodka with coconut water and also gin and tonic, combine gin with coconut water and a fresh new cocktail is ready to be gobbled down.

4.Aam Panna Martini

best cocktail ideas for your wedding

There's something about sipping your cocktail from a long-stemmed martini glass, which is why we have got this recipe which is beyond the classic recipe of gin, vermouth, and bitters. Mix aam panna as the flavouring with gin shaken with ice and showcase the delicious versatility of this era's martini madness.

5.Signature Sangria

amazing cocktail ideas

Every list of cocktails is incomplete without the signature sangria! Who doesn’t like the good old brandy mixed with red wine and toppled with some apples, right?

6.Irish Coffee

best cocktail ideas for your wedding

This is for the “party yuhi chalegi” people! When its night-time and people are switching to coffee's, this is your savior drink. Whiskey blended with hot and steamy coffee sets the apt tone for the night.

7.Jal-Jeera with Vodka

amazing cocktail ideas

Everyone loves the flavour of traditional jal-jeera! Mixed together with vodka, this drink is nothing less than pure-perfection.


amazing cocktail ideas

This is the sweetest cocktail of the lot. Made with rum, coconut cream or coconut milk, and pineapple juice, usually served either blended or shaken with ice, it is truly refreshing!

9. Tequila Shikanji 

best cocktail ideas for your wedding

Forget the 'lime and lemony limca”, if you want a lemony flavored cocktail then this is the one for you. Breaking away from the traditional shikanji receipe, this one has tequila mixed in it!

10.Bacardi-Orange Squash

amazing cocktail ideas

For the orange lovers, we have this cocktail of Bacardi along with orange squash. For that tangy-refreshing taste, try this one!




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