Cute, Creative Ideas To Announce The New Arrival In Your Family!

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Your fun baby shower plans are in progress and the nursery is shaping up well. You’ve even decided on the most creative ways to announce the arrival of your baby. So, what’s left to do before your bundle of joy is here?

ideas to announce that you're pregnant

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Don’t miss out the chance to catch some cute pictures of your pregnant belly and your pregnancy glow. Yes, we’re talking about your maternity photo shoot. This is one shoot that has recently become very popular. Get ready to snag some creative inspiration for your shoot and show off your bump in style.

  1. Let numbers do the talking

best ideas to announce that you're pregnant

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Announce the new addition to your family with the help of simple arithmetic. The best part of this shoot is that you can just pose for the photo and get your photographer to add in the numbers using editing software or write the numbers using speech bubbles. Or you can pose with blocks to announce the new addition to your family.

  1. Listen to the Baby

pregnancy announcement ideas

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This is a cute idea if you have an elder kid. Also, this is an additional craft activity to engage your kid. Make use of tins and string to create a rustic telephone. Place one can on your bump and give the other end to your elder one. Pose like you are passing secret messages to the baby in your belly.

  1. Beer or Baby

pregnancy announcement ideas

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This is an announcement that is hilarious yet cute at the same time. Write baby on your belly and beer on your hubby’s belly. This one announces the new arrival in your family while also taking a dig on daddy. This one is perfect for couples who love to add a bit of humour to everyday situations.

  1. Caution! Bump Ahead

pregnant announcement ideas

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Tell your family and friends that you’re in for some fun disruptions in your family by displaying creative road signs. This one works better if you can have the shoot on an isolated road. Find old road signs at your neighborhood junkyard.

  1. A Cute Clothesline for Tiny Clothes

pregnancy announcement ideas

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Everyone loves tiny clothes. Hang tiny baby clothes in a clothesline and hold the ends of the line. This is a subtle way to announce the arrival in your family without shouting it out directly. Apart from these cute maternity shoots don’t forget to capture a time-lapse video. A bit of creativity and regular snaps of your pregnant belly are all that is needed to create a cute a time lapse video.

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