Cute Wedding Ideas For All The Chocoholics Out There!

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Chocolates are not just delicious pieces of desserts; they are love, an infinite and never-ending sort of love! But do you know that you can style your entire wedding theme around your most favorite chunks of sugar?

Well, you might not. If you’re a couple that loves to indulge in some chocolatey moments, this is for you. The good news is that you can design your wedding around a theme that you and your guests can cherish for life. Yes, we are talking about the ultimate ‘chocolatey theme’ for your big day. So, let’s move ahead and discuss some cute ideas which will get your pals drooling over the menu in your nuptials. The best bakers in Delhi will provide you some of the best chocolates!

P.S. We request you to control your chocolate fetish and DO NOT jump over the screen to quench your cravings while reading the article (pun intended).

Wedding Invitation

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A chocoholic cannot go wrong with the best wedding invitation. Sending customized chocolate boxes with your wedding cards to all your friends, relatives and known ones is great to go ahead with. Also, most of the people in our generation do not really like to eat ‘mithais’, so sending chocolates is a good way of keeping your near-and-dear ones delighted.

Exclusive Chocolate Counters

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This is sure to catch all the eyeballs in a single go!

You can plan on having dedicated counters for keeping all the desserts that are made with chocolates. It will not only get your guests dribbling over the sweetmeat but will also add to the wedding décorations. Designer cakes, pastries, cupcakes, ice-creams, marmalades, toppings, puddings, yogurts, sauces and chocolate bars, all made with chocolates, can be arranged to give an awesome experience to your visitants.

Wedding Favors

Just like everything else, wedding favors are an important part of your wedding planning. Moreover, who doesn’t like getting gifts?

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Including chocolate hampers in your wedding favors will surely get you all the appreciation from your loved ones. From kids to parents to grandparents, everybody loves to relish in chocolates and if you’re a chocoholic, this is one hell of an idea to thank them for their presence in your wedding ceremonies.

Sagan Trenchers

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This one is high on the trend-list! Packing chocolates in mithai style is becoming more and more popular in the Indian weddings these days. All you need is a traditional thali and some chocolates cut in the shape of mithais for making this delicious yet creative sagan platter. You can further decorate it with chocolate cookies and truffles to give it an enriched look.

Seems interesting and yummy, right?

Customized Baskets

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You can make your loved ones feel special by keeping some chocolate hampers for them in their room. Pack some exotic chocolate bars with cookies, truffles and other stuff in customizable baskets to thank them for getting time out of their busy schedule to attend your wedding functions. This will surely win their hearts.

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There you have it- a list of things you can plan for your nuptials if you’re obsessed with chocolates! These little gestures will not only make your special day even more special but your guests are also going to love being a part of it. So, go ahead and throw a wedding that will satiate your chocoholism and your pals will treasure for a lifetime.

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