Dadchelor Party Ideas…Here’s How To Plan a Perfect Celebration For Dad-To-Be!

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It wasn’t long ago when we were all tears thinking about throwing a perfect baby shower for a mommy-to-be, but now when the tables have turned, expecting dads are going all crazy on the trending man shower. Yes you read that right…and these cool daddy themed baby showers are famous as Dadchelor Parties thrown for daddies-to-be!

From diaper to beers and so much more, unlike the traditional baby showers, these dad showers aren’t only an affair to celebrate and welcome fatherhood but they are cool customized parties where you can have all the fun you need!

Dadchelor Party Invites

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To make your man shower a memorable one, we’ve listed out some creative party ideas. Make sure to list them when you’re all set to have one!

For new dads-to-be, throwing a dadchelor party might still be a mystery and if you’re wondering what happens at a baby shower meant especially for dads, fret not we’ve got you covered!

You can start with an invite and if it’s this cool, we bet your male gang would fall all over it!

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Dadchelor Party Ideas

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Be it a mom shower or a man shower, a baby’s welcome is ought to have a whole lot of diapers in it, but unlike the old-fashioned gifting diapers, our dads follow the modern baby shower themes and have found a new way to include diapers into the party!

creative diaper cake

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Don’t tempt your taste buds, that’s a diaper cake!

But then we have a real cake for baby shower to make up for it! And trust us, it is pretty cool!

baby shower cake for dads

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And how can you forget the charm of poop shaped unique cupcakes for baby shower. Gross as they may seem, but the amount of fun element they’re gonna add to your party is beyond any measure.

innovative baby shower cakes

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 Surprise the expectant papa’s with these quirky daddy style munchies and bring out the deliciously best in your party.

dadchelor party ideas

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How can we forget this?


man shower party

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And who says you can’t have all the fun you need in your dadchelor, you say poker, you get poker!

And last but not the least, amidst all the fun don’t forget to pack a daddy’s guide for our to be father he’ll need it most in the upcoming days!

from dude to dad baby giftings

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Here’s to all the would be Dads! Happy Dadchelor Party!

For more inspiration on modern baby shower themes and ideas click here!

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