7 Style Hacks Men Must Follow To Get That Dapper Look

Since the dawn of time men have suffered for the style hacks and it still remains a weighty question. Here are some style hacks for the dapper men. If you’re stumped by the sheer number of outfit choices, don’t worry, we’re here to help. Lucky for us all, we evolved past the all-formal days of yore, and entered a bold new age of cool casual. We know a thing or two about effortless style for men, and found ways to help you dress smart — whether you’re heading to the office or just having people over to the man-cave. Checkout the best designs from the top menswear designers in Delhi.

Whatever you do, wear the right shoe

style hacks for men to follow

The stakes are high – shoes after all, makes the man. Nothing can sink your smart outfit quicker than an ugly pair of shoes. And nothing can make your feet smart as much as an uncomfortable pair of shoes. The best solution is to wear boots. Boots can never go wrong and works with all the outfits, khakis, jeans, chinos and it will never – we repeat – never go out of style.

If you went with a nice chocolate or tan suede boot with your khaki, we salute you. A fun trick to clean suede is with stale bread crusts, which soak up stains and oils.


Keep your belt subtle

style hacks for men to follow

We know we know that all of you had that temptation to buy that monstrous, shiny belt buckle. But you’ve got to fight it, man! A belt is meant to keep your pants up, not weigh you down.

So cast your belt in a subtle supporting role, not as a star player. It should be a quality leather, and should match your shoe color and finish. You’ll probably need both black and brown at some point. Also make sure while dressing belt width and clasp size goes down. Because we want you to know all the style hacks t look dapper this summer.

Belts may look tough, but they need love too. Hang your belt vertically and away from direct light. (Coiling it can crack the leather; sunlight fades it over time).


The power of pants

style hacks for men to follow

With all due respect to the kilt (its day will come), a man is defined by the right pair of pants. Jeans are a great start, but the dapper gentleman must expand, must master a bevy of britches. Your versatile outfit might include a plausible pair of green chinos, the classic grey worsted wool slack, or the irrepressible khaki. (Dressing like Indiana Jones, we remind you, is not, nor will it ever be, wrong.)

No matter what you go with, though, the fit has to be impeccable. Your pants should be snug around your thighs and hips, but not tight. They need to cover a respectable amount of that no-man’s land (please it looks human only), while ending high enough on the ankle to show most of your shoe.

One quick way to tell if a pair of pants will fit your waist: throw an elbow. As it turns out, the length of an arm from elbow to fist is roughly the size of an average man’s waist.

Sometimes a zipper gets stuck — usually right before that big presentation. Fix it easily by rubbing the teeth with a pencil. Graphite acts a makeshift lubricant. 


Never neglect the t-shirt

style hacks for men to follow


Not every t-shirt is created equal, of course. The decades-old t-shirt you got at that death metal concert, for instance, should probably be kept under house arrest. The lowly, forgotten t-shirt. Too often it is relegated to lazy Sundays lounging around the house (although, admittedly, it is perfect for that.) Don’t sleep on the T-shirt, though, because, with the proper fitting and color, it can become office-ready.

But a well-made shirt in white, gray, blue, or even purple will look sophisticated with the right blazer or cardigan. Plus a t-shirt can never go wrong in showing how dapper you are.

Shoulders make the T-shirt, too. The seam that separates sleeve and body of the shirt should fall right at the corner of your shoulder.

Fight shrinkage. If you find that your t-shirt shrank in the wash, soak it with hot water and hair conditioner for five minutes, then stretch it back.


Your power tie

style hacks for men to follow

Once upon a time, the tie symbolized corporate conformity, as synonymous with office life as the typewriter and the time-card. Now, the tie can be anything you want — even, dare we say it, a little rebellious.

You have a lot of choices out there, so we’ll go ahead and say, “treat yo self”, buy a bunch. But if you’re looking for the one tie to rule them all, go with something dark and solid, or with a very subtle pattern. It’ll look respectable with anything you match with it, even brighter, busier patterns like a gingham or plaid. Plus, if you dress it down — by throwing a leather or jean jacket over your dress shirt, for instance — your dark tie will look punk.

Here’s a fashion commandment: thou shalt tie your tie so that it reaches your belt buckle. (Any longer and it comes dangerously close to pee range).

Tie width matters too. 2 and ½ inches is considered a modern cut, but, no matter what, it should be in proportion to your lapels. The wider they are, the wider your necktie can be. 


Blaze(r) of glory

style hacks for men to follow

Sure, every man needs a dark suit for those special occasions. But your constant companion, your conversation starter, your go-to style piece — that’s the blazer. The gray, charcoal, or blue blazer is perfect for desk work, but put some plaid under it and you’re equally ready to chop down a tree. Pick a tweed number for the coolest-english-professor-on-campus look.

Just make sure it fits perfectly. The jacket’s shoulder should align with yours.

Stand with your side up against the wall. If the shoulder pad touches the wall first, the jacket’s too big.

You’re a man; measure things with your fist. If your jacket fits properly, you should be able to squeeze your fist in the gap between your jacket and stomach.


Move the denim upstairs

style hacks for men to follow

As a general rule, it’s always appropriate to dress like Paul Newman. That’s especially true when he wears denim, which is classic, rugged, and too good to stay solely on your nether regions.

Although Justin Timberlake’s crime against fashion and humanity set back the denim top for years, we’re happy to report it’s back. The great thing is how versatile it is. Unbutton a bit, combine with khakis and boots, and you’re ready for manly adventures — like climbing an active volcano or grappling with a bear! If you’re in the office, though, you can still dress it up with a dark, solid tie and a snappy gray blazer.

Just, please, avoid jeans and shirts of the same shade.

For more inspiration on best menswear ideas in Delhi you can check our blogs.

Washing your denim can ruin that perfect color. Don’t do it. If you notice people refusing to stand downwind of you, stick your shirt in the freezer to kill smelly bacteria.

For all button-down shirts, you’ll need to know when to tuck. If your shirt ends are long in front and back, and short and curved along the side, stuff that shirt down your pants. Now. 

We’ve pretty much listed all the style hacks for your dapper summer-ready wardrobe guys – get on it now!!


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