Indo-Western Dress from a bridal lehenga

Diary of a Forgotten Wedding Dress (And How to Rescue it From a Dusty Fate)

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Heyy! How have you been? I haven’t seen you in a longgg time! Remember how people were mesmerized by looking at us? What a great team we made on your wedding day! But you know what? It gets super lonely here in the closet. Everything is so dark, gloomy and these dust particles have been only irritating my fabric! It does get scary in here!”

Yeah! That’s your forsaken Wedding Lehenga trying to say something. We all know, this is a fate of most of the wedding ensembles. However, you can save yours from such an eventual seclusion by reusing it once again (or maybe twice).

Wondering, how? Let’s get started!

1.       Festivals

Indian culture is replete with festivals that celebrate and revolve around the marital status of a woman. In fact, married women are seen practising rituals during various festivities all across the Indian cultural diversity. Occasions such as Teej, Karwachauth, Gangaur are basically women-centric and celebrate the marital status of a woman. In fact, women in red traditional dresses as well as in their wedding dresses are a common sight during such festivities.

Indian Ethic Wear for Women for Festivals

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3.      Any Other Function Post Your Own Marriage

Has it only been a few weeks or months since you got married? Will there be a wedding of someone who is super close to you? Like your sister, brother, sister-in-law or brother-in-law? Then, you can choose the occasion to take that beautiful dress out from its well–packed state. Apart from cutting down the cost of your expenses to buy a dress, it will also help you avoid the tiring trips to designers/boutiques for the event.

*Function Mania TIP*  For a change, you can style your hair in a simpler fashion than from the day you exchanged your wedding vows. You can tone down the make-up as well.

Red lehenga with minimal makeup

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4.       Surprise Bae on Your First Anniversary


Bridal Lehenga from Back

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While you aren’t a newly wedded bride anymore, you can still relive those Cinderella-like moments again!

Take your wedding lehenga out of the box, wear it, put some makeup on, get into that sexy lingerie underneath your trousseau and surprise your husband once more!

Trust this! Men LOVEEE it when you put some thoughts into your surprises!


5.      Throw a wedding dress themed party

Are you planning to throw a party at your place? Still can’t come up with a fun and amazing theme that you would want your guests to remember? Why not ask your married girl-squad to dress up as brides once more? You can also ask them to come having revamped their bridal looks. This will not only hype the pre-party enthusiasm up but will also increase your chances of making the party a success. GET THE SWERVE ON LADIES!

4 Brides in a frame

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6.      Hop on that Nostalgia-train

It’s fun and absolutely natural boarding the Nostalgia-train while looking at your wedding memories. After all, becoming a bride is undoubtedly one of the momentous experiences for a lady.

And hence, we have listed two cool ways so you can have fun while the reminiscing about your special day!

  1. You can call your married besties, and recreate your own version of the eternally awesome ‘Phoebe-Rachel-Monica wedding dress’ scene.

Click a few selfies, post them on social media, and send some cute captures to your husband (It will surely put a smile on his face).

Rachel Pheobe Monica in wedding dress

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2. And if you are all by yourself and have a few hours to spare, make some popcorn and maybe watch a chick-flick with your wedding lehenga on!


7.      Get Creative

I am sure there must have been times when you considered or wished to design something wearable for yourself. Your old wedding lehenga can be the crude element for your next self-fashioned dress.

You can also recycle your wedding outfit to make something new and beautiful. Perhaps, you can ask your designer to re-stitch the lehenga/skirt into a fancily embroidered kurta. You can also have the choli/blouse and the skirt stitched together to be made into an Anarkali dress.

Anarkali Dress

Image Source: Pinterest


Indo-Western Dress from a bridal lehenga

Image Source: Pinterest


8.      Donate (And Become a Superwoman for someone else!)

The best gifts are the ones you give

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While you had the chance to select your wedding attire, get it designed (or stitched) as per your liking, sadly there are many brides-to-be who cannot afford or don’t have the appropriate means to buy their dream-wedding dress.  This is where you can actualise your childhood dream becoming a superheroine. You can simply donate your wedding dress and help a girl smile on her special day.

After all, no act of kindness how small, is ever wasted!


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