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If you ever want to know more about our diverse populace, the easiest and the best way is to look through their arts & crafts. There are a lot of trending things in Delhi that will catch your eye for sure. Delhi happens to be a city where you can find handicrafts from all over India. Whether you’re looking for any particular artifacts from Kerala, amazing beautiful shawls from the land of Kashmir, block prints from Jaipur or handmade jewelry from Gujarat, you can find all of these things right here. Here we have curated a list of best places in Delhi for you to find handicrafts. Read on:

Dilli Haat

handicrafts in delhi

Dilli Haat will give you a glimpse into the rich art, culture & handicrafts of India all in one place. Here you can find exclusive sandalwood and rosewood carvings, metal works, gems, handmade jewelry, ethnic wear, footwear made with camel hide and much more. The stalls are set up on a rotational basis by various traders, so there’s always something new at the Haat!


Garvi Gurjari Emporium

handicrafts in delhi

places to buy handicrafts in delhi

Located at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, this emporium gives you all sorts of crafts, bead work, wood cratfs, pottery and woven clothes that represents features and characteristics of Gujarat.Metal jewelry and warli paintings are a hit with al l the customers and the best part is that you can shop from them online.


Lepakshi Andhra Pradesh Emporium

places to buy handicrafts in delhi places in delhi to shop handicrafts

This gem is also located at Baba Kharak Singh Marg and is very much popular amongst tourists. Their specialties include kalamkari, leather crafts and terracotta pottery along with artisans and craftsmen from Andhra Pradesh.


Amrita Carpets & Crafts

places to buy handicrafts in delhi

You can find this place in the main market of Lodhi Colony. Here you get handwoven pure silk carpets, contemporary and designer carpets, floor rugs, woollen durries, traditional handicrafts, antique Persian carpets and Mughal decorative carpets amongst many other things.


Janpath Market

handicrafts in delhi

This is one of our fav markets as it sells handicrafts from various states in India. From Brassware to wood-carved figurines, semi-precious jewelry to exclusively decorated wall hangings, handmade lampshades & decorative items are some of the handicrafts that you can spot here at pretty cheap rates. You need to definitely check out this market for numerous beautiful artifacts.


Central Cottage Industrial Emporium

places to buy handicrafts in delhi

Situated at Jawahar Vyapar Bhawan, Janpath, this cottage is our favorite destination for all those who’re looking for exotic Indian handicrafts. You can lookout for original handicrafts sourced from artisans from across Indian subcontinent. Products found here include objects d’art, Bankura silver, tea and herbs, dress fabrics, garments, accessories, home décor, decorative items, books and lots more!


Indian Handicrafts Emporium

handicrafts in delhi

places to buy handicrafts in delhi


This award-winning emporium, located in Mehrauli, is stocked with handicrafts from all over India ranging from wood, stone, metal, glass, cane/bamboo, pottery and home decor items. Find tribal and lacquer jewelry, apparels, textiles, etc. Head here to find the best of Indian handicrafts all in one place and rediscover India’s rich hand-loom heritage all over again!


Ambapali Bihar Emporium

places to buy handicrafts in delhi

This emporium has a huge variety of products to choose from. Situated in Baba Kharak Singh Marg, it brings you the rich culture of Bihar’s handloom and handicrafts to our easy access and guess what, here you’ll also find the biggest collection of Madhubani art, which attracts the maximum tourists from all over the world.


Utakali Orissa State Emporium

places to buy handicrafts in delhi

places to buy handicrafts in delhi

This brand was created to promote the handicraft artisans and various societies of Orissa. They offer a variety of products such as gorgeous tribal jewelry, wood carvings, palm leaf engraving, and cane and bamboo craft, among many others. Applique work, the traditional patchwork art of Orissa and Pattachitra paintings are a specialty here!

Indian handicrafts have always inspired people all over the world. Tourists crowd these outlets at all times and Delhi offers the best of all regional and state handicrafts in the form of these various outlets. Get ready to shop your favorites from your favorites.


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