Did You Know THIS Could Be Your Next Mehendi/Cocktail Spot?

Before you think of any place else, it’s your terrace that we’re talking about! Yes. You can make the most of your terrace to host one uber party after another be it your fun mehendi function, cocktail party, planning the best birthday party or just a house party. It’s cheaper and it’s convenient. An outdoor living space is a treat that many of us don’t enjoy to the fullest, so we’re going the extra mile to offer tips on how to build your own oasis under the sun — or, better still, the best party pad under the stars. As you raise a toast to good friends, good food, great fun and beautiful setting at your next terrace bash, you may just end up thanking us for these suggestions!



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The great thing about having a terrace is that it generally offers you more flexibility with decorating than your indoor space. Fewer walls, less fixed furniture and no drapes can be a blessing. If you are planning on hosting a mehendi night or a birthday party, then the decoration will be according to the theme of the function. For a mehendi or engagement function, the decoration can be on a colorful side with bright colored mattress and cushions and bright lights. And for a birthday party or a house party, you can have a disco theme. Simply putting out a new, colorful set of cushions can make a world of difference. Add potted plants like frangipani or palms (that you can rent from a nursery for the night), or light a handful of hurricane lanterns, and your terrace will turn into a dynamic rooftop retreat ready for hosting a fabulous party.


Drink, eat, repeat

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As a host, it can be a bit of a chore when you have to keep topping up snack platters and dip bowls — especially if your kitchen doesn’t open out onto your terrace. Cut this tedious labour down by avoiding foods that must be served hot, so you can put out larger batches at a time and let them rest at room temperature. Similarly, munchies that go from crunchy to chewy in no time are a no-no. Try serving food which is easy to pick ‘n’ eat or best option is to have a barbecue. Bar will be the most crowded spot on your terrace and we’re assuming you already know that. So set up bar if you don’t have one already and let the drinks flow!


Hire Help

spots for mehendi and cocktail

places for mehendi and cocktail parties

We’ve heard it said that guests will forget what food you served and what music you played, but they will never forget how you made them feel. If this is true, running up and down from the fridge all night is doing nothing to further your reputation as the host with the most. Hire help — so you can spend your time mingling with friends and supervising service, rather than frantically executing every imaginable task yourself. Call in a caterer (who will provide both food and service) and have a mixologist man the bar as well. The caterer will ensure your guests are well fed, while the bartender will keep everyone in high spirits!


Get Groovy

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If you live in an area where your neighbours aren’t likely to call the cops at exactly 11pm, invest in a DJ. While he’s spinning out the good stuff, let your hair down and shake a leg — it’ll certainly make for a memorable night. If you don’t want a DJ then you can have your own music player and plug in your phone and have a blast. Just remember that there may be local regulations to adhere to when you are playing music outdoors, so if there’s a licence required, ensure your chosen DJ has his paperwork in order.



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The lighting on the terrace is basically the most important thing. According to what function you have, you can set up dim lighting to bright lights to disco lights. Lights play a major role in setting the mood of your guests and the feel of the party.

This is the most feasible party spot and yet the best one. From a small wedding function to a birthday party or a house party, your terrace can be the new thrilling place to host a party. A good plan, adequate preparation and the right tools are the key to every successful terrace party. And yes, if you want an OTT affair, you can always hire the best event planner in Delhi to throw a function that your guests will go gaga over.


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