DIY Decor Ideas For A Fun Wedding Celebration!

Weddings are once in a lifetime affair for most of us and we make sure that we get the best arrangements done to keep the near and dear ones happy. Best Decor ideas in Delhi plays an important role in setting the ambiance of your celebration venue so why to go ahead with the same old and customary decor when you can try something more cool, creative and quirky in your budget?

In fact, the ideas that are listed below will cost you much less than the standard decor options and give a vibrant look and vibe to your function. You can get the best inspiration from the top decorators in Delhi. Scroll down to have a look at them.

1) Gota-Patti Rings

diy decor ideas

You can decorate your mehendi venue or wedding venue with these gotta patti circular hangings. Not just they look absolutely beautiful but also an easy and cost-effective way of decorating your function venue.

2) Fevicol Thread Balls

best ideas for decor for wedding

Colorful, fun and pretty, these balls do not require much effort in their making. You just have to take a plastic ball and cover it will fevicol. Now, get a thread roll of your favorite color and wrap it around the ball making a thread hoop sort of thing to add charm to your function day.

3) Hanging Bells

diy decor ideas for wedding

Simply get some floral strings from the market and tie the metal bells to it. You can make it look more beautiful with flowers of your choice.

4) Paper Decor

decor ideas for wedding

This is the most trending decor theme in functions these days. Paper made fans, paper made lanterns, paper made balls. paper made flowers give a fun sort of vibe to the venue area and look appealing to the eyes. They are not just different from the regular and boring decor ideas but also pretty much affordable!

5) Bottle-made flower vase

fun and quirky decor ideas for wedding

All you need is some old and used wine bottles stored at your place and ready to go. Add some water inside them and keep your favorite flowers with their bottom immersed inside the water. Now hang these to the ceiling of the area for a mesmerizing and enchanting look.

Feature Image Courtesy: Pink Parrots, Chapter II Events

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