Ride Of Emotions A Father Experiences When His Daughter Is Getting Married!

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There is something so beautiful about the beautiful father-daughter bond. Every father-daughter shares an enviable connection and the love between them only grows stronger with time. From teaching her how to ride a bicycle to playing cooking sets with her, a father is always there for his daughter. No matter how old a girl grows, to her father, she is always his little princess. However, according to the traditions of the Indian society, a father has to give away his daughter to allow her to start her new married life. As much as it is a happy occasion, it is also a difficult moment for every father out there.

  • When a father sees his daughter in her wedding dress

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When a father sees his daughter wearing a radiance and joy he had never seen before, it’s a wonderful feeling for him. His mind gets flooded with the old memories of his little girl whom he’d drive to school, carry her in his arms, and play with her. Time sure does fly. His little girl is now a grown up woman who is going to get married today.

  • When she is walking down the aisle

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The smile on her face calms the outbreak of emotions in his soul. A father feels the happiest when his little girl is all set to start a new life with her prince charming. But, he feels equally sad, as she will soon leave his home.

  • When the feeling starts sinking in


When they are announced as Mr. and Mrs. after the rituals, it sounds foreign yet it sounds perfect to a father. She is a wife now. She is his daughter too. It was not a dream, it is a reality. But it is just normal and natural.

  • When it is time to bid adieu to his daughter

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A daughter’s marriage surely leaves a huge void in a father’s life but he feels happy and content looking at the smile on her face. He makes peace with his mind thinking that even though it’s heartbreaking that she’s leaving, it is also a new beginning for her.

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