Frame Your Special Moments In The Most Beautiful, Offbeat And Fun Way With Picnova!

Want to get each and every single detail of your wedding covered in the most ideal way? Well, as important as it is to choose a fashioned themed for your festive days, it is imperative to hire a professional photographer who can capture your special moments and leave impressions through pictures for life time. While there are many photography houses in the market, Picnova: By Chetan Gulati has made it to the top of the list ’cause of their exquisite and beautiful wedding portraits. From snapping the jewellery to mehendi details, pre-wedding to post-wedding moments, maternity to new born moments, they certainly know how to add a dash of glam to your memories.

And yes, the shots taken by this photography house, are picturesque and detailed. We’re leaving you with some of their work folios over here. Take a glance and do consider this professional photographer for you next big celebration!

Bridal Dress And Jewellery Shots…

beautiful wedding photography

beautiful pre wedding photography

best wedding photographer in Delhi

best pre wedding photographer in Delhi

fun pre wedding captures

Bridal details including the stilettos, lehenga, nath, bangles and jewellery, everything has been snapped in the most contriving manner.

Mehendi Portraits…

pre wedding portraits

offbeat pre wedding photos

magical pre wedding photos

dreamy pre wedding shoot

Bridal mehendi portraits look extremely pretty and festive. The mehendi designs are captured exquisitely by the photographer. And yes, we cannot miss out those beautiful floral details.

Capturing the Bride…

colourful pre wedding photos

cute pre wedding

pre wedding shoot with props

props for pre wedding shoot

attractive pre wedding shoot

beautiful pre wedding photography

The bridal frames done by Picnova: By Chetan Gulati look exceedingly stunning and glam. The ‘getting ready’ shot, the ‘bridal entry’ shot, the ‘happy bride’ portrait and the ‘mirror shot’, all the bridal captures are made to look dreamy and ethereal.

Maternity Clicks…




dreamy pre wedding shoot

Adorable moments of the couple captured in the most adorable way, we must say, so soo endearing it is!

Wedding Shots…

quirky backdrops for pre wedding photography


top wedding photographer in Delhi

wedding photographer in Delhi

best baby photographer in Delhi NCR

baby photographer in Delhi

baby photographer in Delhi

wedding photographer in Delhi NCR

Wedding day is nothing less than an emotional roller-coaster for the bride. All those emotions are gorgeously captured by Picnova: By Chetan Gulati photo studio.

 Pre-Wedding Couple Captures…

wedding photographer in Delhi NCR


wedding photographer in Delhi NCR

wedding photographer in Delhi NCR

wedding photographer in Delhi NCR

wedding photographer in Delhi NCR

From cutesy couple captures to captures with classic back-drops, this photographer knows how to ace in them all!

Photographing the Baby…

baby photography

new born photography



It’s really special to capture the first moments of the baby into this world, so that when they look down the memory lane, they have so many memorable moments to treasure. Picnova: By Chetan Gulati knows how to photograph those lovable little details of the baby and add an essence of adoration to all those captures.

“Picnova: By Chetan Gulati is a passionate team of best wedding photographers who transforms moments into memories. Started by an engineered turned photographer, Picnova: By Chetan Gulati today boasts their candid photography and cinematography services that are known to preserve your most beautiful moments experienced. Having rich experience in covering pre wedding and wedding shoots, we make your Big Days unforgettable experience.” ~ Picnova: By Chetan Gulati.

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