#FRIENDSHIPGOALS: Things You MUST Do With Your Bestie Before She Gets Married!

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Shaadi season is hitting the town and this time, it’s your Bff’s turn making it all the more special! You can’t believe it’s time already, and your best friend is all set to open a new chapter in her life. While she settles down in her new life few things would take a back seat for a while, like the oh-so-many plans you had with your BFF.

friendship goals

So don’t just  keep ‘waiting for it,’ you might not find enough time to spend with your best friend after she gets married. So, make sure to complete this bucket list with your bestie and remind her that you’ve got her back, no matter what:

*Take A Trip Together*

fun with friends

Its time to go on that long overdue trip you have planning together for years but hasn’t happened yet!

*Choose Naughty Lingerie For Each Other*

best friend getting marries

This one is quite fun! Try it out and you are sure to have amazing fun.

*Spa Treat*

best friend getting married

Treat each other to a day of relaxation and fun before her D-Day.

*Shop Like Crazy*

things to do with friends

Go shopping like there is no tomorrow!

*Party All Night Long*

before getting married fun

There can be no one better than your bestie to party the whole night. Go and have a gala time together partying!

*Sleepovers* make your bestie feel special

This is the time to have all those long conversations about her present feelings, laughing on the past and planning the future! Have those all night talks with each other and relish these precious moments.

*Gatecrash a wedding*

things to do before marriage with friends

One things that all friends always plan on doing with each other is gatecrashing at a wedding together! This is the time to do it with your bestie and it will become your most crazy adventure before the wedding!

*Get Stuffed*

bachelor party


Before the wedding diet starts have one slumber party where all you do is eat! Eat and eat till you drop!!

*A Lot Can Happen Over Coffee*

travel with best friends

A coffee session with your bestie is a must have before your bestie getting married. These long conversations over coffee would be out of action for a while after the wedding, so compensate in advance!

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