12 Amazing Ways To Get That Pretty Parlor Look Staying At Home

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We all have days when we are too lazy to rush to the parlor and we still want to look our most perfect self on the special occasion. Also, there are times when there’s literally no time to reach out to the salon to get ready and we end up weeping in a corner for not looking good on the celebration. Girls, fret not, here we have got you a cheat sheet of how to get a parlor pretty look for your next function without leaving home. Even the top professional makeup artists in Delhi will give you these tips and tricks for easy makeup at home!

Whether you’re that lazy bone who loves her personal space way too much or genuinely stuck in a situation where you have to deck-up on your own, these easy DIY makeup tips and tricks are going to make you look and feel glam, we promise. So, let’s get started!

Step 1: Begin With Skin Clean-Up

clear skin

Use a good quality cleanser and scrub for a perfectly glowing look. Once you’re done with cleaning, done forget to tone and moisturize your skin.

STEP 2: Easy DIY Masks for Gorgeous Skin

face pack at home

Avocado, banana or papaya masks can be easily prepared at home. Apply the mask and leave it for 15-20 mins. Wash it off and enjoy the shine on your face.

STEP 3: Use Primer

use primer before makeup

Most of us miss out on this important step. It is really really essential to use a primer before applying make-up on the face. This not only protects the skin from any kin dof damage but also helps in blending the make-up perfectly.

STEP 4: Move on to Foundation

foundation is imporatnt

Next, you can apply a liquid or powdered foundation on your face (according to whatever suits your texture more). Make sure that the foundation matches with the tone of your skin.

STEP 5: Time for the Eyeshadow

eye shadow

Now, do the eyeshadow. If you do not like going OTT, then keep you can use nude and subtle shades. If you love that flashy and festive look, deck-up your eyes with the glittery, smokey or bronze shadows that are in trend these days.

STEP 6: Kajal, Followed by the Eyeliner

eye shadow

Apply a liquid liner on the top lid of your eyes. Then, use a kajal brush to fill-in the inner eye portions. This will make your eyes look brighter and beautiful.

STEP 7: Curl Your Lashes and Apply Mascara

eye makeup

Curl your eyelashes and use a thicker mascara brush for your function days. It will add all the more shine to your eyes. Let the mascara dry and don’t blink your much for next 5-10 minutes.

STEP 8: Add Some Blush

blush during makeup

Once you’re done with your eye-makeup, the next think you need to do is blush your cheek bones. Peachy and pinky blush tones are more in these days. You can choose whatever suits your skin tone more.

STEP 9: Contour and Highlight

highlighter after makeup

Ever wondered how do girls manage to look so perfect  after coming out of the parlour? Well, the magic is done by the contour brushes and highlighters. Right amount of contour used at the right facial spots can add all the charm. Don’t over-do the contour if you don’t want to give your face a cakey appearance.

STEP 10: Pencil Your Lips and Put on the Lip Color

beautiful lipstick color

Pencil or outline your lips and then put on your lip color. It will give a perfect shape to your lip color and make you look oh-so-gorgeous!

STEP 11: Follow Tutorials for Hair Styling

ideas for messy hairstyles

Want to try a new and easy hairstyle but don’t know how to do it? Well, you can search for tutorials related to hair styling and look pretty on the function.

STEP 12: Get Ready to Dazzle
look your best at a wedding

And you’re done. Get ready to shine, dazzle and give other girls a good reason to envy you! 😛


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