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You’ll Be Amazed To Know What This Wedding Dress Is Actually Made Of!

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Cakes have always been the most essential part of our birthdays, weddings or any other occasion as we speak. All the famous bakery in Delhi make the most delicious cakes. Fancy birthday cakes are a trend now and almost all the best cake bakery in Delhi are doing them. There are multiple good options for a tasty yet a good looking cake. Every good cake designer is experimenting on newer and more beautiful approach of preparing a cake. Whenever you’re looking to indulge you hop onto to the best of best bakery for the most delicious cakes in Delhi. There are good cake designers and then there are exceptional ones like Emma Jayne Morris.

This is a Dress Made by Designer Mak Tumang

Wedding Dress by Mak Tumang


And this is a cake version of Mak Tumnag’s dress made by Emma Jayne Morris. Yes, that’s right. Can’t believe your eyes? We couldn’t either! 

cake version of Mak Tumang dress

This masterpiece is just beyond our imagination and Emma actually managed to make it with each and every intricate detail. We’re awestruck for sure. Morris created the masterpiece for the Cake International show at Alexandra Palace in London on April 22, and needless to say, she nailed every gorgeous detail.

close up of cake dress

It took Morris 10 days to make this six-foot-tall sweet treat which has intricate work front and back. And how she did an amazing job with it is just inspiring. She also said it weighed a whopping 264 pounds, which included 132 pounds of fondant and 110 pounds of modeling paste for the flowers.

front and back view of wedding cake dress

Emma Jayne Morris wedding dress cake

Sadly, the inside probably doesn’t taste like rainbows and unicorns. “There was no cake inside,” Morris said. “It was part dummy, part Rice Krispies, and marshmallow.” Well, it doesn’t matter to us if there was any cake inside or not because one doesn’t see such pleasing and alluring sights everyday. Are we right or are we right?

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