Give Stellar Dance Performances With The Most Talented Choreographers In Town!

No celebration is complete without a kick-ass level of dancing, and if you’re planning your wedding functions, make sure you plan for dance performances first. There’s no fun without some groovy and twirly moments happening around the dance floor. This is why, the new-age couples prefer to hire a choreographer for a lively performance on their wedding days. And in case finding the best choreographer is proving to be a trouble for you, we’ve got your needs sorted with this amazing dance studio : The Dance Cafe.

The best part about this dance house is that they can prepare you for anything to everything including solo performances, group dance sessions, wedding special performances and can also teach you some good moves for your shows, birthday, anniversary or any other party. Move down to see more from them!

Dance Acts For Social And Corporate Events

most talented choreographers in town

choreographers for weddings

choreographers in for wedding functions

wedding dance performances

best choreographers in town for dance performances

best choreographers in town for dance performances

Performances by Dc Crew


From social to corporate events, they know how to give grand opening and closures to all sorts of gatherings keeping the guests engaged. DC Crew is a subsidiary of The Dance Cafe group that takes care of social events, corporate and festive choreography collaborations. It covers live performances (including bollywood, contemporary or any other style), an option for taking dance tution from your home (for any occasion like wedding, events or anything else). So, in case you’re looking to hire a choreographer and learn dance at your home, we’ve got your wish sorted!

The Dance Cafe 

best choreographers in town for dance performances

best choreographers in town for dance performances

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best choreographers in town for dance performances

The Dance Cafe, a dancing studio located in Gurgaon.


Planning to join a dance class where you can learn some great moves while having fun? Trust us, this is one of the best dancing schools to go for. With the best team to help you twist your booty, you’ll love attending their classes. Also, it’s a great workout session for your body. Their dance studio is based in Gurgaon, DLF Phase-1. Scroll down to find their contact details.

You can be sure of shaking your leg on the best and unique dance movies with this professional dance studio. Even if you’re a novice in dancing, you needn’t worry about it, the choreographer will make you twirl according to your body language and suitability.

“Think of something that can bridge distances between continents? And a unanimous answer that transpires up your mind is dance. The hippiest place to learn various forms of dances and music. The Dance Café Studio is more than just for daily dancing. You can learn latin dances (Jive, Cha Cha, Merengue, Lambada & Salsa), contemprorary bollywood, semi-classical, aerobics and lots more. What’s exciting about this place is that it’s just not about dancing, there’s music too. It offers you course in djing, guitaring and more. So folks, it’s time to shake your booty, burn some calories and adopt a new stress buster into your busy regime. Get down to enjoying the moves that excite and thrill your senses.

Come join us for one of our fun, energetic dance classes! You can come alone or bring someone along. You can take a group class or private lesson by our very talented instructors. Wedding Choreography classes are also available. Come see us before your wedding.” ~ Founder at The Dance Cafe.

Contact Details

Call : 9821885281

Facebook : @dancecafe

Mail ID :

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