Cute Baby Shower Favors That Your Guests Are Going To Love!

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It’s time to throw the most fun baby shower party for all the to-be-mommies. And with the perfect shower there comes the need to plan the oh-so-cute giveaways. To make the task of selecting the *cutest giveaways ever* little bit easier for you all, we have compiled this list.

Take a look at the most amazing Indian baby shower gifts for guests!

1. The Mysterious Alphabets

cute baby shower giveaways

Make Packs with one alphabet written on each of them, spelling out *BABY SHOWER* viagra without a doctor and ask the guests to guess the contents of the Indian baby shower gifts for guests pack they receive!

2. Pedicure Essentials

cute baby shower giveaways

For the lady friends of mommy-to-be, these pretty pedicure kits are going to be simply awesome. They are gonna make the best way of relaxing together!

3. Honey-licious Packets

cute baby shower giveaways

Cute-little packs of honey are sweet as well as useful! These giveaways are going to touch the hearts of all guests with their extra-sweetness.

4. Sweetmeats

Baby Shower Favor

Small packs filled with sweet goodies like Macaroons, cookies, or candies for all the sweet-tooth’s! These are going to be *The Sweetest Giveaways* ever!

5. Blocks of Wax

cute baby shower giveaways

cute baby shower giveaways

Give the ladies candles shaped as cosmetic bags. These are the fanciest thing they would ever light-up!

6. Cute Wish-kit For Twins

baby shower party ideas

Picture Courtesy – iCreate-The Art of Exquisite Gifting

Cutest wish-kits by the mommy-to-be of twins! The announcement of double happiness will turn extra-special with these!

7. Thanks-Giving Buckets

cute baby shower giveaways

Picture Courtesy – Presente

Say Thank-You in style to your guests for attending the baby shower with these buckets. You can also add small goodies inside to make the baby shower return gifts for guests more awesome!


baby shower party ideas

So, are you ladies ready to pop-out in some more time?

We wish you and your baby a good health and a super good time.

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