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The beauty and the colorfulness of an Indian wedding ceremony can never be matched. What makes Indian weddings more than an event are the emotional, colorful and diverse rituals that make every single guest dazzled and leave many teary-eyed.

What is Chura?

ideas to glam up chura

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One such significant ritual that is traditionally a part of a Punjabi wedding is the chooda and kalire ceremony. Chooda or Chura is a set of bangles and kalire are the gorgeous accessories that hang from the bangles. It’s usually in white and red, though several brides today switch the red bangles for other colours. However, the chura is generally made up of only two colours.

The Emotional Chura Ceremony

beautiful bridal chura

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The choora is worn in an elaborate ceremony held on the morning of the wedding. The paternal uncle and aunt gift the chura for the bride and wear it on her hand. Kalire is an umbrella shaped accessory that is hung on the bridal chura. Generally, the bride’s sisters and friends tie the Kalire. The bride wears it for forty days. On the fortieth day, it’s a ritual for the husband to remove it for her.

Significance of the Chura for the newly-weds

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While chura is traditionally a part of a Punjabi wedding, this ritual is now practiced by several other communities. The chura is believed to strengthen the relationship between the couple, and the colour red signifies prosperity and fertility. The Kaleere is a warm reminder of the tender love and care a bride has received from her friends and family, as she embarks on a new journey. The traditional chura is now available in gazillion choices: colours, textures, patterns, materials, whatever you like you can get it.

ideas to glam up chura

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Take a look at a few trending chura styles that has been making the rounds on the wedding circuit recently.

1. Customised Couple Name Chura

ideas to glam up chura

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There is something to be said for the beauty of customized bangles that make them all the more unique. Now, proclaim your new marital status by wearing a chura with your name and your partner’s name engraved on it.

2. Embellish it with Kundan Stones

ideas to design wedding chura

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Now, add some glamour and glitter to your traditional chura by choosing ones adorned with Kundan stones. These look good on photos, and the stones are sure to match the sparkle of joy in your eye.

3. Themed Churas

best ideas for wedding churas

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How about taking your wedding theme to your churas? You can find several churas in the market that have motifs like peacocks, lamps on them. Pick one that matches the theme of your wedding and class it up.

4. Match the Chura to your Bridal Lehenga

ideas to glam up chura

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Who said churas should be only in red and white? More and more brides today are opting for churas that match their bridal ensemble.

5. Glam it up with Gold

glam up your wedding chura

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Add a classy gold bangle studded with stones along with your chura for a unique look. Look classy and elegant with these ideas that lend a contemporary twist to the traditional chura.

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