Haathphool To Hand Harness: Here’s How You Can Amp Up Your Accessory Game!

All you modern Indian girls, we’ve got the new age jewellery fashion goals here for you. If you thought the haathphools were only way to accessorize your hands on your big day, then let us show you some awesome new ways to dress up your hands. There are some of the best jewelry brands in Delhi that will give you some amazing inspiration for your wedding. Do away with those traditional old age haathphools and make way for something new and more mesmerizing. Hand harnesses, hand jewellery made with flowers, embellishments and pretty stones is all new and all exciting. It’s an amazing way to deck up your hands for a complete and pretty function look. Don’t believe us??

Go on, have a look and thank us later for showering you with such amazing ideas! 😀



hand jewellery





hand harness design

mehendi jewellery

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hand harness

You can even get your hand harness customized in the flowers, stones or embellishments of your choice and dazzle on your D-day. Floral hand harnesses are easy to make, cost-efficient and pretty to wear. A florist will get that done for you. You can get more detailed harnesses from your local jeweller or any imitation jewellery label. Choose your design and ask your jeweller to get the same made for you. From ring-attached harnesses to bangle-attached harnesses, you can find these accessories in various styles and materials. And yes, this super cool accessory is not just meant for your bridal day, you can also wear and flash it with your western and party wear outfits.

Just like this new jewelry trend, beautiful floral jewelry have come into existence and every bride is going gaga over it. Let us know how much you loved the idea of replacing the traditional hathphool jewellery with new age hand harnesses in the comments section below.

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