He and She First Birthday outfit Ideas for Tiny Tots!

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Your kids first birthday is fast approaching and amid all the preparations you’ve realized that the perfect birthday outfit is still not purchased. For crying out loud! All the checklist has been in place with hiring the best caterer in Delhi, the best decorator in Delhi, fun giveaway ideas, booking the most delicious cake in Delhi in order but another very important aspect of the day which is going to make your tiny tot the cutest and the most gorgeous kid in the party has been left out which is the perfect first birthday outfit.

Since your little bundle of joy is too little to understand that it’s his special day, you wouldn’t want the outfit to get so heavy that it makes the baby uncomfortable. As the last thing you want on the special day is a cranky baby at your hands.  With few factors listed below, being  righty considered you will have no trouble in zeroing on the perfect first birthday outfit and make everyone gush over how lovely the birthday star is looking.

1. Personalized birthday outfits 

first birthday outfits for kids

Personalized First Birthday outfits are a perfect option to add a little extra special touch to your little ones first birthday. An outfit having “birthday girl or boy” written on it or even the number 1 written on it.

2. For the Theme parties 

first birthday outfits for kids


Theme birthday parties are a big hit among children. Since, it’s your kiddo’s first birthday everything has to be just right as per the theme, so y should the birthday outfit be any less? For instance if it’s a fairyland theme, make your sweetheart wear a fairy style dress with a nice tiara or wings attached to it. And for your cute little man a superhero outfit for the superhero theme or you could dress him up as a little magician with accessories like matching hat to make everyone go “aawwwwww”!

3. Dress to impress with the season 

first birthday outfits for kids

The weather is a very important aspect to consider while looking for the perfect First Birthday dress for your toddler. Avoid heavy dresses or high neck and net dresses with a lot of layers in summers as they are bound to make your loved one feel uncomfortable. Light and cool clothing options should be opted in summers like shorts, t-shirts for boys and sleeveless frocks or cute little tutus for the little princesses. For the chilly winter’s long-sleeved dress or woolen frock paired with tights for girls and a cute sweater or a waist coat and trousers and designer caps for the boys that will keep the child warm in cold season without compromising on the looks.

4. For the Matchy-Matchy Twins 

kids birthday ideas

Two is always better than one! For the twin babies, matching outfits are one of the most adorable dressing options. A pair of matching outfits for the birthday boys or girls for their birthday is what will make it even more special. Also, the matching outfits give a cute look to your bundle of joys and will make them the center of attention in the party.


kids birthday ideasThere is going to be only one First Birthday of your little munchkin, and with the right outfit for them the party is going to be even more special.

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