Head Over To These 9 Exotic Cities In Less Than Half The Price Of iPhone X!

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Well you must have heard about the new iPhone X prices and how ridiculously expensive it is! Now if that did not stump you over then you’re either very loaded or an android user. Because for all the iPhone users, it is a shock! Keeping all the kidney jokes aside with the last iPhone, we came up with a list of best places you can visit abroad that will cost you less than half the price of the iPhone X! Yes, we’re serious. Read on and get excited!

Hong Kong

best locations under budget

This place is going to cost you minimum rs. 27,0000 only. This place is a dream land for kids as it has Disneyland and many water parks. The markets are phenomenal and it has a scenic beauty. If you are travel lover then Hong Kong is a must for you to visit. The best thing about this trip is that it is going to cost you way less than half the price of the latest tech fantasy phone- iPhone X!


top locations to visit under budget

You can cover this trip in around rs. 30-35,000. Turkey is the perfect combination of modern and traditional worlds and it’s capital reflects just that. The vibrant culture, picturesque mosques, big bazaars and the food is just to die for. The scenic beauty of Istanbul is simply mesmerizing. The gorgeous skyline and the famous Blue Mosque is just where you need to be if you’re a culture fascinated person. Now the entire Istanbul culture will make you forget your iPhone X dream!



best places to travel under budget

Yes, this gorgeous city can also be covered within rs. 45-50,000. Venice is the city in Italy and it looks so dreamy. Its iconic cathedrals, gothic palaces, water traffic corridors, beautiful bridges and of course – leisurely gondola rides, words fall short to describe exactly how exquisite this place is *tried a dictionary too*! You can call it a photographer’s paradise. Traveling to this city is everyone’s dream for sure and now we’re making sure you change that dream into reality.



top places to travel under budget

Travel to this city within 40-45,000 rs. and have an experience like never before.¬†The Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral – and the list just goes on and on! London is full of these gorgeous places and they breathtakingly beautiful. Yes it can get pretty expensive but we assure you that if you plan your trip ahead of time and nicely, you can save a lot. So go and explore this beautiful city as you just cannot miss this place.



amazing places to travel under budget

Visit this place and you only have to spend around 17-20,000 rs. It is not all expensive and for a good holiday and where you don’t want to spend a lot, you can choose this place. It is known as the tourist magnet of the world. This place has got everything you need for a vacation- beeches, amazing markets to shop from, great food and great nightlife. This is the place you can explore with your family and friends.



beautiful locations to visit

It will cost you around 48-50,000 rs. and according to our “guide book”, this place is must. The capital city of the beautiful Netherlands and the dream destination of artists from around the world. This place is filled with museums and has a rich history. You can take a walk around this place and let all the beauty settle in. Amsterdam is officially in everyone’s checklist. This place needs a visit from you atleast once in your lifetime.


Phnom Penh

best places to travel under budget

Starting from 33,000 rs. onwards, it is one of the hidden treasures of the world, Cambodia has always garnered a lot of touristy attention! Walking down the riverfront, beautiful lush parks, the ornate Royal Palace and national museum, displaying artifacts from all around the world. It’s beaches are beguilingly beautiful that you wouldn’t want to leave the place.



places to travel under budget

This city can be covered within 42-45,000 rs. easily. It is known as a footballer’s paradise, Spain comes under the most beautiful cities of the world. Our top pick would be Madrid. It’s got a beautiful architecture and it reminds us of the great European cultural heritage. The food is drool worth-ingly amazing and the shopping places are never ending. The nightlife is something on other level and we’re definite that this city will show you a good time.


top places to travel under budget

The country with probably the most fascinating history *pharaohs and stuff, peeps*! The beautiful pyramids and massive mosques there will make you never want to come back! Done with a visit to the Giza pyramids? Head on over to get an eyeful of the majestic Sphinx – this city is a treasure trove of history! Now who would choose a phone over the pyramids? Not us!

So now we want you to think one thing that if you’ve decided to stand in the line to get the iPhone X, we just want you to imagine where else in the world you could have been instead of being stuck in that store! So we hope that our list of amazing places to visit in world that can come under the price of a phone will make you go for it!

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