Here Are Some Fun Gender Reveal Party Ideas

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Whether it’s your first child or your third, that moment you finally learn whether you’re having a boy or a girl is exciting. Many parents mark the occasion by celebrating with family and friends at a gender reveal party. If you’re interested in throwing one but aren’t sure where to start, here are some best gender reveal party ideas.


ideas to reveal the baby gender

Some parents come up with a fun theme for their reveal party, such as pregnancy cravings such as think pickles, ice cream, and potato chips. There are a lot of baby gender reveal party ideas if you sit and start thinking but we are going to help you in this. You can also let holidays inspire you. Like if you plan to throw a party near diwali then your theme can be very traditional.




how to reveal the baby gender in a fun way

For gender reveal party decorations using balloons in a box is a fun way to reveal the news. Pack the box with pink or blue balloon if you already know the baby’s gender, or have someone else do it if you and your partner want to be surprised along with your guests. Or you can fill up a black or white balloon with blue or pink confetti and all it takes at the party is a pin, pop! 



fun party for gender reveal of baby

Make those guests commit! Ask everyone to declare a guess by wearing either pink or blue. You can also provide gender-specific accessories, such as pink and blue bead necklaces, pins, leis, or temporary tattoos. One inspired couple gave out cardboard mustaches and lips on sticks. You can also set up ballot boxes and have your guests vote by dropping a token in a blue or pink box. It can also be a gender reveal baby shower if you put it in a way.



fun party ideas for gender reveal

This is a great way to make your reveal on social media. Here’s how it works: When you know your baby’s gender, get pink or blue paint and a plain white t-shirt. Spread enough paint on your partner’s palms and fingers to make handprints.

Take one photo with your partner standing behind you, arms circling you and hands resting on the sides of your belly. Then immediately take a second photo in the same position, but with your partner’s hands raised to reveal pink or blue handprints on your stomach. Posted side by side, the photos make a fun reveal on Facebook or another type of social media.



gender reveal party ideas gender reveal party ideas

Getting creative with food can be an easy way to make your party extra festive – just don’t forget the food dye.

Gender reveal cupcakes or cake ideas with pink or blue filling are popular. Order them from a bakery, or find a recipe and make your own. You can even buy a special cake mix to bake a cake with colored candies inside. You can these amazing cakes in the best bakeries in Delhi.


Silly String

fun ideas for gender reveal party

Spraying cans of pink or blue silly string covered with brown paper to hide the label are a fun way to let younger members of the family know whether the new baby will be a boy or a girl. Parents can know the gender ahead of time or be surprised along with guests during the silly string fight. These can be fun ideas for gender reveal party.

We’ve got you covered for all the best gender reveal party ideas from decorations to cakes and cupcakes, fun games and more.


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