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Here’s How You Can Stay Hydrated on Your Wedding Day!

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Getting married in the Indian summers comes with its own challenges. You’ve got to be more than prepared if you have a summer wedding this year! Ensuring your wedding outfit, shoes, wedding venue, decorations and food will be on point is a struggle itself, along with the tiring pre-wedding ceremonies lined up in a fashion that brides and grooms usually don’t get sufficient time to relax and take care of themselves! They often end up compromising on their meals and ignore their water-intake. But, we all know how important it is to stay hydrated during summers, especially when you have big events and functions to attend! For those who are getting married this summer-season, it is highly advised to stay hydrated during the day of their wedding to avoid dehydration which can suck the fun out of your wedding celebrations!

Just a bottle of water isn’t enough!

Sure, you think simply having a glass of water in a couple of hours will keep you hydrated, but chances are your body needs more than a few sips of water! And, if you are not properly hydrated, how will you ensure you don’t suffer from dehydration on your big day? While drinking water is the most important and easiest way to avoid unnecessary dehydration, there are many great and nutritional alternatives and supplementary hydrating drinks and food items that can give you the needed energy boost, keep your body temperature balanced and help you beat the heat on your wedding day!

So, scroll down to find out how you can stay hydrated on your wedding day with these healthy alternatives to water!

1. Lemonade

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Jazz up your water intake with some drops of lemon juice and a spoon of honey! We all know the health benefits of having a glass of lemonade during the summers. Not only does lemonade fills in for your water intake, its taste also keeps one from the boredom of tastelessness of water. You can have a glass of lemonade any time of the day.

2. Coconut Water doesn't get better than this | Coconut Water For Brides | Indian Wedding Tips | #health #nutrition #diet #fitness | Here's How You Can Stay Hydrated on Your Wedding Day! | Function Mania

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One beverage and many benefits. Coconut water is naturally sweet, so if you happen to crave for a sweet drink, this will be a great alternative to artificially sweetened beverages and soda based drinks! Coconut water is a nutrient-loaded refreshing drink, and hence, is a good source of water, fibre, Vitamin C and many important minerals such as magnesium, potassium and calcium.

P.S. Time to sing, “I am in love with the ‘COCO’! “ *hee hee*



3. Chaach or Buttermilk

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Another super-healthy Indian beverage known as Chaach or Chaas, this drink is loaded with essential micronutrients. Rich in protein, vitamins, carbohydrates and essential enzymes, buttermilk makes for a meal. So even if you end up skipping your meal, this can help you get going until your next meal. It doesn’t mean, you can avoid food, but if you happen to miss one due to some reason or the other, having a glass of buttermilk will prevent you from starving and unnecessary weakness due to your wedding-ceremonial exertion.


4. Fruit-Infused Water

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Always a tastier way of consuming water and keeping oneself rehydrated, fruit infused water is something that you will definitely love having! Besides making your water intake an interesting thing, having flavoured-water will help you get some good vitamins and minerals on your wedding day! You can get a fruit-infused water bottle and fill the filter with some seasonal fruits and with water to hydrate yourself while sipping on some good nutrients dissolved in water! Talk about killing your post-sangeet tiredness with a refreshing drink!



5. Water-rich fruits

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Yes, you can also eat your water! Confused? Well, with the advent of Indian summers comes a great number of water-rich fruits and vegetables, such as watermelon (92% water), cucumber (95.23% water), pineapple (86% water), oranges (87% water), muskmelon (90% water), and so on. You can have fruit salad or just a single fruit for one of your meals. This way, you will get the proper amount of water without staying hungry for a large span of time.



6. Seasonal Fruit Juices and Shakes

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Sugarcane, mango, oranges, pineapple, strawberries, watermelon, muskmelon, these are some easily available fruits of which you can have juices and shakes. For those who can’t resist having something sweet, we bet, a glass of sugarcane juice will satiate your thirst for a sweet drink. For the brides and groom who love milk-based smoothies and shakes, mango and strawberry will always do wonders to quench your thirst and keep you hydrated throughout your ceremonial-proceedings!

While these were 5 awesome tips for keeping yourself hydrated during a summer wedding, we would be more than delighted to hear from you, if you have something to share with us on the same topic!


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