Here’s How You Should Pick Your Gorgeous Second Dupatta For Wedding

Bridal fashion is something that keeps changing with time and with new trends. If there is one thing that has really stuck in terms of Bridal trends, it’s the double dupatta. Getting your lehenga from the top women’s wear designer in Delhi is fine but picking up a second dupatta can be a challenge. It has become more of a norm now and let’s face it everyone is following it religiously. This trend was started four years back and in this you need to take the main dupatta and drape it around your lehenga and get one more dupatta which is  bit lighter for your head. There are so many best ways you can drape your dupattas. Even though it only adds up to your budgeting dilemmas but it is something which no bride would want to ignore.

gorgeous dupattas for wedding


beautiful second dupattas for wedding


gorgeous dupattas for wedding


How To Choose The Second Dupatta With Your Bridal Lehenga

  • If your lehenga is multi colored then the best thing to do is to get a second dupatta in the came color of the original color with a thinner border.
  • If you are a south Indian bride wearing a kanjivaram and are looking for a veil to cover your head then choose a contrasting color as it will look the best.
  • Now if your lehenga has a decent amount of color and you do want a contrast colored second dupatta then pick up the color that is least visible on your lehenga and make it from that.
  • You need to also keep in mind that if you’re taking the dupatta on your head then it’s the closest to your face, now choose the color of the second dupatta according to your skin color. Whichever will suit you the best.
  • You could also do a veil concept, where the second dupatta is simply a light, gold veil on your head.




If you have a relatively simpler lehenga,  a second dupatta can instantly elevate your look making it look regal. If your main dupatta is very heavy then you must take a second dupatta as a light veil over your head. Now if you’re going for a mughal , more traditional look then taking a second dupatta is a fabulous way to make your look gorgeous and vintage. In general two dupattas do add elegance to your look, but if your main dupatta is light enough to be worn on the head, then you dont need the second one.

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