This Is The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List All You New Brides Would Need

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Even though, all brides dream about going to the best honeymoon destination as much as they do about the wedding, most put off planning for it till the very last minute. For some it’s because they were so focused on the wedding shopping, they have completely forgotten the honeymoon. For others, it’s budget related. They don’t want to splurge on expensive honeymoon outfits, right after spending so much on the wedding.

honeymoon list for all newly weds

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Whatever be your reason, procrastinating your honeymoon packing is sure to stress you out later on. Most brides equate honeymoon shopping with lingerie and swimwear. While these are a part of your honeymoon suitcase, there are other outfits that you’ll need on your trip. Here are a few tips to help you pack all that you need for your first trip together as man and wife, without over packing.

#1: Pack According to the Destination

honeymoon list for all newly weds

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Your packing list is largely dependent on the location you’re travelling to. The suitcase for a trip to the Alps is miles apart from one to a tropical island. So, take a hard look at the weather in your destination at the time of your travel and plan accordingly.

#2: A Formal Dress

honeymoon list for all newly weds

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Formal dress is the last thing one thinks of when packing for the honeymoon. But, it would be a great idea to dress up, as you sit down for your first evening meal together.

#3: Special Lingerie

This one goes without saying. What’s honeymoon without a bit of risqué? Throw in special lingerie to surprise your partner and to get the tension building.

#4: Light and Bright Clothes

honeymoon list for all newly weds

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While we agree that you won’t be doing much of sightseeing like a regular tourist on your honeymoon, it’s essential that you add in a couple of comfortable outfits for exploring the destination. T-shirts, shorts, day-dresses if you are going to a tropical paradise or jeans, sweaters and pullovers if you’re heading to a cold place.

#5: Long trousers or Maxis

honeymoon list for all newly weds

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These will help you when you head out during the evenings to ward off mosquitoes or to stay warm during chilly evenings. You can also wear them when you visit religious places.

#6: Comfortable Sleepwear

Most brides forget this one. After all the elaborate wedding ceremonies you and your partner would love to catch up with the lost snooze. What better way to do this than with comfortable sleepwear.

#7: Matching or Colour Coordinated Outfits

honeymoon list for all newly weds

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It’s a taken that you’ll be taking plenty of pics while on your honeymoon. How about elevating your casual pics to frame-worthy ones by wearing matching outfits with your partner? If you don’t want to go all out, you can try colour-coordinated ones for great looking pics. Though this may sound cheesy, it’s sure to bring a smile when you look at the pics later.

Remember that the earlier you plan, the lower are your chances you’ll miss out something that’s essential. So, go ahead and pack your honeymoon suitcase and dream of all those romantic moments you’ll enjoy!

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