Top 8 Tips to Plan your First Night!

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So, you’ve planned your wedding, and looked your best. The wedding’s done, now what about the rest? Well, for that, we’re here!
Everyone’s been teasing you about your first night, and you’ve (might/might not have) planned for the hotel you’re staying in. Now whether you both have decided upon the stay or you’re being gifted the night by someone, it’s still a BIG BIG DEAL! And we know that!! Now to make sure that your first night is indeed the best-est night of your life, here’s fixing you a checklist.

Say check to each of them, and it’s going to be a smooth night. Our editorial team swears by it! (Considering we have some experienced people here with us. Wink*)

1. Eat something.

first night tips

You’ve been dieting all this while to fit into, and look gorgeous in that dress, and we’re sure you ruled the night. But here we are asking you to feed thyself! Well, because we’re sure you must have heard (or realized on your own) how exhausting all the bed work can get. You’ll need the calories to burn them hard, lady! Have a good meal (some strawberries, almonds, bananas, figs and anything citrus they are amazing aphrodisiacs. And stay put with broccoli, beans, red meat, excessive cheese and drinks; though the drinks might seem essential for setting the mood for some couples, it will also make you dizzy and mess with your real business)
Also, either carry some snacks or make sure you check with the hotel for some mid-night servings beforehand. It might not seem important, but trust us, you’ll thank us later!

2. Set thy mood.

first night tips
No, we’re not endorsing any condom brand here; we’re only asking you to set the mood. Literally! Burn a C.D with the music your spouse turns on to. Create a playlist or sing if you must (that’s totally optional we say!) Good music not only soothes, but also works as a great erotica. You could also softly play the song you both danced at, at your function, when you enter the room, this adds on to reliving that moment, and what better than that can you plan?

3. You smell so good baby!

first night tips
Apart from your pheromones your spouse is attracted to, give them another reason to go crazy loving you. Subtle things like a good fragrance in the room can help you set the mood just perfect! Arrange to have a bouquet of flowers put by the bed, as well as scented candles. You can also sprinkle a few drops of essential oil on your sheets. Try ylang-ylang, sandalwood, lavender or jasmine – scents that are said to increase arousal and sexual desire.

4. Get Victoria (’s) secrets out!

first night tips
Not wearing any, under the dress? You’re hot already! However, keep those sexy sets for the later party, it’s always more erotic, to pull some down and throw some off of you, yes we asked your man, and he said he loves the garter too! Now before you go skinny dipping, or role playing, keep some for him to play with.
And boys, no worn out cotton comfy and boxers please!

5. Don’t be a fool. Cover your tool.

first night tips
Now we’re talking about protection, and so should you! It’s best to discuss these things beforehand; you don’t want to land up with surprises. Get to know what kind and flavour does your spouse like. Get that. Also, carry some good lubrication; anxiousness and exhaustion and turn your play tools dry, keep your fix along. And get your game on.

6. Period! Period.

first night tips
You have a clue, of when you’re getting your chums? Nothing better. Believe us! Now you can consult your gynaecologist and check for oral contraceptives that can forward/delay your periods. And if you’re not keen on doing that, keep him posted with the dates. You don’t want to surprise him; he’s most likely to not like THIS surprise. And if the unpredictable must happen, then be prepared. Even if you’re not expecting them keep your napkins handy. All the wedding anxiety is most likely to mess with your dates.

7. Do not get me that!

first night tips
Make sure, before your amazing night starts, you both discuss the little, yet important thing; your allergies (if you have any).
Allergies can ruin your evening. It can! Make sure you share if you’re going to have swollen lips after that kiwi cocktail. You’ll do yourself a favour.

8. Miscellaneous matters.

first night tips
A. Carry your clothes, contact solution, any morning pills you take.
B. Arrange your conveyance, (in case you were dropped off by someone).
C. Carry good concealer. You don’t want people to guess the shade of your love-bites.
D. Check with the hotel if they can arrange a late checkout. It’s your first night; you can take some extra hours before coming back to the monotonous world again!

And, we’re done! You’re all prepped. Now go ahead and have the night of your life! Cheers! And Congratulations to you both!

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