How Can GST Impact Your Wedding Preparations ? Find All The Details Here

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While the entire nation was trying to get over demonetization, government has given us another thing to work on. This all new revolutionary tax reform, that been recently introduced in India, is called GST. We know y’all must be screwing your head over how and in what ways this tax amendment can affect you, this is why we’re here to make the work easier for you. After all, we really don’t want you to waste your time and energy over understanding this.

So, all you who are planning to get married in a couple of months or years, here is how the infamous tax reform can affect your wedding preps + hacks to deal with it !

Here’s all that got expensive and things GST will make you splurge on.

Don’t worry, we’ll give you ways to hack through this massive tax change happening around us !

1) Decor & Photographers

gst affecting your weddings

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Even though the taxes in this category have hiked by a minimal percentage, but that still means you’ll have to splurge out more money from your pocket on arranging for the decor and photographer for your functions. Yea, that dreamy wedding look and pictures you wanted got 3% more costly.

Budget Tip : Want to save a tad on your budget? Go DIY! You can take decor related inspiration from Pinterest and come up with your own ways to prettify your wedding decor without spending a bomb on it.

2) 5 Star Dreams Got More Expensive

Sorry gals, hosting your loved ones in 5 star stays and elite abodes got more expensive. There’ll 28% tax applicable on luxury stays. Now, we’ll have to shift to cheaper alternatives like budget hotels and farms to accommodate friends and fam!

Budget Tip : Budget hotels are getting cheaper, so you can turn to those options, quirk up the decor and get your dreamy wedding scenes going.

3) Salon Services & Makeup Artist

The salon services and makeup will not cost you 15-28% higher than regular. And the sad part is you cannot work around it much because you’ll definitely need makeup and salon services to look glam on your wedding (until and unless you have a friend who’s a makeup artist and who’ll get ready to reduce the prices for you :/)

4) Fancy Footwear

Footwear are where you’ll have to splurge the most. Any footwear costing above Rs. 500 will be taxed at 18%, DAMN!

And NO, you cannot do anything about it except for complaining and crying and cribbing over this new tax reform.

5) Real Jewelry

gst impact on weddings

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Here’s another reason to worry about. Taxes on gold and diamond jewelry have been increased by 3% (as if it wasn’t expensive already!)

Budget Tip : The good news here is that taxes on costume jewelry have gone down by 12%. So, now you can opt for costume jewelry instead of wearing all gold and diamond!

6) Courier Services

Well, now sending those invitation cards and mithai ka dabbas might charge you more as government has decided to impose some extra charges on courier services.

Budget Tip : Go for e-invites, wedsites or DIY wedding cards to save cost on getting the cards designed so that you can spend the same money on courier services.

7) Honeymoon Planning

In case you were planning to book the business class to for a perfect honeymoon travel experience, doing that now might get you a hole in your pocket as prices for the business class tickets have gone UP! 🙁

Budget Tip : Tickets for the economy class have become cheaper. So, now you can fly through economy class, save your money and splurge it on honeymoon shopping or luxury stays or travel activities !

Now, let us share some good news with all you worried minds out there… Here’s the list of things/services that have become cheaper, go get them now! 😀

You can plan on getting and doing these you have been waiting for long if they fall into these categories. While GST is a financial roller-coaster we are supposed to deal with, it has come with some relaxations and reliefs.

1) Catering Services

gst impact on weddings

Yep, taxes on a lot of food products and catering services have gone down by a huge percentage. It’s time to take advantage of that and serve all that you ever wanted to in your wedding !

2) Boozy Bottles

Yayyyyyy !! Alcohol has been included under the GST list yet ( Thankgod !), which is why you can keep it flowing in your functions and give the talli performances with your friends.

3) Wedding Outfits

gst affecting your weddings

Image Courtesy : Girl In Pink Photography

Among-st all the other itineraries, one thing which we are REALLY HAPPY about is the wedding outfit. As clothes have become cheaper so now you can flaunt your designer lehenga in much more style and get your dreamy wedding outfit without burning a hole in your pocket.

Feature Image Courtesy : Picture Art Company

Here you have the list of things – now stop worrying as you know what and how to do. Go ahead, plan your wedding and let us know in case you have any doubts, we’ll help you out with them !

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