How To Do Your Bridal Makeup?

In the age of fairy-tale weddings and extravagant Instagram profiles, acing your bridal makeup for wedding function is a must! Book the best makeup artist in Delhi for your wedding! However, thanks to these tips, looking your bridal best is easier than ever.

Basic bridal makeup tips for your day!

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Being a bride can be crazily intense. You need to make sure that you are greeting the large number of relatives and friends who have flown in for your wedding whilst keeping an eye on the wedding decorations that are well under way. If there is one thing you should not be worrying about, it is your look for the various functions. Bridal makeup is a very common profession these days thanks to the high demand for professional makeup and top makeup artists in Delhi on a bride’s big day. Before you delve into the artistry of bridal makeup, here’s what you need to remember!

Choosing the right look

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The makeup artist and you need to put your heads together to really understand what you like. The artists have a number of tricks up their sleeve so you can really go for something unconventional and gorgeous because after all, it is YOUR big day! But be careful about the kind of look you choose because it needs to complement your bridal outfit as well.

Skin tone is a major factor

Another important fact to remember when you are checking out the ropes of bridal makeup is the skin tone. Artists and brides alike extensively go through pinterest and other websites looking for the right look but many don’t take their skin tone into consideration. The basic how-to of bridal makeup is to make sure that the products and the colors that are used match the bride’s skin tone. The sooner you find out what look is the best for you, the more jaw-dropping your look would be!


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No, this is not just a photoshop fad anymore! Air brushed makeup actually exists nowadays. Many bridal makeup artists use this technique because your makeup looks a lot softer and blended in camera but the same can be achieved with a proper beauty blender too! So, if you are planning to go for the air brush, find out if it will suit your skin before going ahead with it.

Primer is your saviour!

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Bridal makeup is certainly heavy duty for your face and by the end of it; it can become a streaked mess. Which is why, a primer is a necessity. Make sure that you or your bridal makeup artist has a primer ready and roaring to go. It helps to clear the clogged pores and help your makeup stay in place for a lot longer too. You deserve to look your best on the biggest day of your life and a bridal makeup artist will definitely help you look the part. If you are planning to DIY and add your own touch of uniqueness to it, these makeup tips and ideas will help you stick to the right path as well!

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