How to Take Her Out on a Perfect Date Weeks Before You Tie the Knot!

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Whoever said that you just cannot calm a would-be-bride and get rid of her pre-wedding jitters has foolishly underestimated the power of a perfect romantic date! Ain’t that right? All those panicky phone calls just ’cause her bridal lehenga isn’t ready yet or she hasn’t found that perfect pair of bridal heels for the day may be a thing a man can relate to if he is about to get married in a few weeks.

But, amidst all the pre-wedding chaos and endless shopping sprees it really gets difficult to steal your fiancee for even a short span of time because of the gazillions of things a bride is usually occupied with. But, worry not, guys! We are here to help you get the best and most romantic ideas for a perfect date that will save you a lot of time and are way beyond a ‘romantic candle light dinner’ or ‘a movie date’! So, get on with this list if spoiling your would-be-wife and pampering her is of utmost priority on your wedding to-do list!



1. A couple spa session

If your wedding is just a couple of weeks away, the prewedding stress is inevitable, and what could be better than chilling at a spa, enjoying the quietude of your incensed surroundings, while getting an organic aromatherapy massage or a relaxing aroma Jacuzzi bath! Trust this, she will be more than happy getting a relaxing quality time with you than go for a cliche movie date!

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2.  Capture those candid moments even if you go for a simple date!

While you may have booked a professional photographer for the wedding, and other events, a personal collection of cute and candid moments will be something that you two will always cherish in the future! So, even if you are a couple who loves a sweet and simple coffee date for that matter, capturing some candid moments of your fiancee sipping and smiling can be a great way to commemorate your pre-wedding date. And, since a lot of people are no longer camera shy and do love posing, we are sure you will love taking some memories back after the date!

Well, if your lady love isn’t a camera loving person, probably the next one in our list can help you!

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3.  Go for a comedy gig or a stand up comedy show

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Well, need we even mention the pros of going for a comic show? Again, the prewedding stress can take a toll on couples, a great evening filled with puns, jokes and loads of laughter will be a perfect way to spend time with your beloved! After all, couple who laugh together, rock together!


4. Adventure sports for the daring woman!

Trust this, for an adventure-seeking girl, there is nothing more exciting than going for an adventure sport! The adrenaline rush that one gets after completing an adventurous task is extremely therapeutic if killing the prewedding stress is on your hit list! Not only a date like this  would help your daring fiancee feel the best, but it will also strengthen the bond between you two while you would be cheering and supporting her throughout the activities! You can go for bowling, rock climbing, camping, go carting with your partner. Sounds like a nice idea, eh?

Indoor or outdoor rock climbing is an empowering sport. When you reach the top of the route, you feel you can do anything. However, even with tremendous strength and flexibility, you need solid climbing technique to ascend the rock. Proper hand and foot placement -- plus the ability to "read" the wall -- will aid you in your climbing attempts. Put on your climbing shoes and harness, grab your belay partner and prepare for an amazing climb. #rock #climbing #mountaineering #cliff

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5. Visit the famous food trucks or food joints in your city!

If you and your lady love are a food-loving duo, well, trying out new food from a bunch of new and trending food truck and (or) joints can make for a sweet and romantic date! Just imagine you both enjoying that delectable waffle with a scoop of vanilla ice cream from that food truck joint you had been eyeing upon for a long time! Or having that soul-satiating ice cream shake you had been thinking of going for but never really got a chance to!

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6. Add some drama to your romantic date! *LITERALLY*

If you both share a love of literature and theatre, going for a play or a theatrical performance in the city could be your escape from all the stress to get everything perfectly right for your wedding. So, just give yourselves some time off from everything that has been keeping you on your toes since on the commencement of your wedding preparations. Indulge yourselves in some classic, modern or Shakespearean drama or get a dose of contemporary literary masterpieces being dramatised on the stage. A great way to gorge on some food for thought, right?

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Didn’t we tell you our list is exclusively special for the handsome grooms-to-be who have been spotted scratching their heads to find the most romantic date ideas for their beloved fiancee? And, if you are a sister of the would be groom and a friend of his, we hope you all loved getting these ideas from us and would definitely share this with the man in dire need of the ideas!


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