We've Got You Ultimate Checklist To Plan Your Destination Wedding!

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“I Do” …. But How????

Check list for a Destination Wedding!

There are a series of steps from “she said yes” to “I do”! Which includes finding that perfect spot to get hitched and when you do find it but it’s a little far away, have no fear we have got you covered. Here is a check list for an awesome and dreamy  destination wedding, all the do’s and don’ts covered for you –

1. Choose Destination

how to plan your destination wedding
Make a list of potential wedding destinations along with a short list of potential wedding venues at each destination, and request wedding brochures and quotes from each. Also, there are certain factors that contribute in this decision such as –

how to plan your destination wedding

Set the Date – Discuss potential wedding dates and decide on a suitable date or time of the year, keeping in mind the weather, holidays, festivals or peak seasons at each destination.

how to plan your destination wedding

Set a Budget – An approximate Budget should be finalized as it will influence your choice of destination as well as the size of your guest list.

how to plan your destination wedding

Draw up a preliminary guest list – the size of your group also plays a major role in your choice of venue, thus a preliminary guest list preparation gives more clarity.

2. Site visit

how to plan your destination wedding
After all the rough plans are drawn and the destination has been zeroed upon then comes the time for a site visit. This will help you in a better understanding of the destination you are planning for your special day and also the arrangements required for the same.

3. Vendor Troubles

plan your destination wedding
It’s very important that you are comfortable with all the vendors you choose for your big day as you will be leaving a lot in their hands because of the distance. If booking online make sure you choose best of the best from Websites like  functionmania.com. Check the vendor portfolios carefully and then make your choice. Or else bring the pros along from home to handle all the critical aspects, the only drawback to this – you will have to cover their travel and stay expenses.

4. Don’t mess with the Mother!

plan your destination wedding
Not to be afraid, Mother in this case means the Mother Nature. If you’re planning to take the hit abroad then do not assume that the weather in Destinations like Caribbean, Hawaii and Mexico is gorgeous year-round. In Hawaii Rainey season goes on from November to march whereas in the Caribbean hurricane season is there from July till October. So make sure to consider the weather of the selected destination as per the ideal dates.

5. The Long Distance Affair!

ideas to plan your destination wedding
The time to put all those organizational skills to action has come. As you are basically having a long distance affair with your destination and late night phone aren’t going to solve anything here, you need to get a move on and pull up those socks. Every planning trip you make to your destination for the big day should have a major chunk of big to-dos like research, venue arrangements, and coordinator meeting and vendor appointments. Sending the necessary items ahead of time is also a good and safe practice in this case to avoid any last minute mishaps.

6. On Arrival

ideas to plan your destination wedding
It’s always better to be safe than sorry! Plan to arrive at your destination at least three-four days in advance to check the arrangements before the guests start arriving. And upon arriving on the destination there are certain things to keep a check on –
• Meet with your coordinator and the vendors.
• Do a walk-through of the lovely space where you will exchange your vows.
• Check all arrangements for the guests that are to arrive and get their welcome gift bags ready.

7. Guests are no pests!

plan your destination wedding
Proper arrangements for your guests should be made, right from having group flights booked to the allotment of rooms before their arrival. These are your loved ones travelling to be with you on your special day, make sure to greet them in style. Deliver welcome goodie bags to their rooms on their arrival filled with essentials.

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