Prettiest Mehendi Designs For Every Bride-To-Be!

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Mehendi ceremonies are an age-old tradition that you just cannot ignore or skip. With brides looking for a modern twist to their weddings, here’s how your mehendi ceremony can be a part of it successfully! You need hire the best mehendi artist in Delhi to rock your mehendi ceremony. 

Modern mehendi in 4 ways!

beautiful mehendi design

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A wedding is always incomplete without a mehendi ceremony. It is one of the most relaxed and fun ceremonies that you can have before a wedding. You can let loose and have some fun whilst making your hands the canvas for some beautiful designs. Mehendi ceremonies are one of the best parts of the wedding because you can create something truly special and meaningful on your hands. The bridal mehendi not only gives you the right to be pampered all day long but you can definitely create a gorgeous story right there on your palms.

Mehendi hand designs are extremely versatile so here are a few crowd favourites to try out on your big day!


beautiful mehendi ideas

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No we don’t mean a new colour of mehendi but the rose design as part of your mehendi. These are ultra-trendy and can be considered as a game-changer in Indo-western weddings. More and more brides are looking to infuse their favourite western outfits and traditions with Indian ones and if you are a part of this squad then the rose mehendi is a great fit for you. It looks amazing, it can suit any style and it adds a certain vintage feel to it!


gorgeous mehendi design

Image Courtesy: Wedding Crasher Official

Many brides are taking to recreate the romance and the love story on their hands for their big day. From first meetings to first vacations and new experiences, many brides love having their happily ever after on their palms to show off in a second. It amps up the romance in the air and it certainly makes for interesting and unique photos!

Temple designs are back

artistic mehendi

Image Courtesy: Dusk Dot Photography

The intricate curves and woodwork on temples have been a fascination for as long as we can remember. Now they are being the inspiration for bridal mehendi designs. From delicate patterns to bold florals, these designs have it all! They add certain flair to your hands and you will look royal too!

Boho chic

tattoo mehendi

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You’ve always had your own sense of style until now so why stop short on your wedding day? Boho chic mehendi designs are very common these days, especially with destination weddings. If you are looking to add a pop of gold to your hands, white and gold henna tattoos are so in vogue right now. There are many awesome ideas for bridal mehendiMix them up with a minimal mehendi design and it will definitely be one for the records. Mehendi forms have also become versatile now with arms, cuffs and back mehendi designs making an appearance. So, if you want to make a splash, add your own twist to your bridal henna and put in your wedding hashtag too!

Feature Image Courtesy: Sunanda Agarwal Photography

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